Community Leader of the Year Tammi Davis

Tammi Davis

The Northwest Indiana Influential Women Association (NWIIWA) honored Tammi Davis with the 2021 Community Leader of the Year Award.

In Tammi's words . . .

It's an honor to be honored. That was my experience when the Northwest Indiana Influential Women Association (NWIIWA) honored me with the 2021 Community Leader of the Year Award. That single moment of recognition was humbling, joyous, and affirming. It was confirmation and validation of years (over 20 years) of advocating for justice, equity, and fairness in contracting and employment for women and people of color.

The work of civil rights (and yes, that is the authentic term for the work of diversity, equity, and inclusion) is laborious and tedious. The work is as rewarding as it is trying - trying your patience, your knowledge, your resources, your relationships and even, your religion/faith. The reward lies within both the work and the result.

I was selected as a Finalist for the Influential Woman In Economic Development/ Government and awarded the Community Leader of the Year Award. Oh, but God! (Insert shout ) Exceedingly, abundantly!

The long hours of analyzing certified payrolls by hand, reading volumes of local, state, and federal regulations, working with fiscal agents to find spend categories where small, local and minority firms can compete, meeting with policymakers at the local, state, and federal level, drafting language to ensure economic development incentives and agreements provide measurable impact to local neighborhoods, thinking creatively to go beyond the norm and break the status quo, building racial, ethnic, political and geographical based coalitions to achieve (or at least, discuss) the greater good and purpose, and volunteering to learn from and contribute to something greater, something different than me, my title, employer, locale, degree, belief systems, and pedigree MAKE every second worth it. The end truly justifies the means.

So, let me address why the 2021 Community Leader of the Year Award was validating. It says Tammi was here! Three months ago, I transitioned into a new role. Last week's award presentation felt like the ultimate going-away party. It sealed the end of one era while also recognizing the beginning of a new one.

Congratulations, Tammi!

Learn more about our TrailBlazer Tammi here.

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