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Ep. 203 - Debra Mathias - Did you know that LinkedIn is a great tool to connect, network, and grow your business? Debra Mathias is a LinkedIn trainer and coach who shares some of her golden tips on how to grow your network and business on LinkedIn. Debra has been active on LinkedIn since 2009. She has trained professionals, companies, chambers organizations, and groups since 2011. She trains anyone in need of boosting their sales through networking and partnerships or those who are seeking a career change or trying to find a career. Listen in to learn how to reflect authenticity on your LinkedIn profile by including something personal for people to connect with. You will also learn why it is important that you include your work keywords on your LinkedIn headline to make it easier to be found on search engines.

Key Takeaways:

  • The value of getting LinkedIn Premium especially for the “who viewed my profile” feature
  • How to optimize your LinkedIn banner with the right keywords to appear top on search results
  • The professional and academic qualifications and certifications to add to your LinkedIn profile
  • How to be authentic by including something personal in the first few sentences of your LinkedIn “about section”
  • How to record and upload short videos to create and keep a connection with your clients
  • The importance of quality vs. quantity sharing to stay relevant and exciting to your audience

"The more you comment, and it has to be more than five words, for the LinkedIn algorithm to pick it up, the more your SEO goes up on LinkedIn." -Debra Mathias

In this episode you’ll discover:

Get to know Debra the LinkedIn trainer and coach, and why she’s passionate about her job [13:33]

She shares her history with LinkedIn, LinkedIn statics, and the value of LinkedIn for your business [15:22]

How to perfect your LinkedIn profile to be professional, optimized, and ready for more business []

How to set up your company page and why you one need for your business [32:20]

The importance of including media in your LinkedIn plus how to add video and connect to others [34:07]

How to observe your LinkedIn analytics and activity to network and follow up on warm leads [38:28]

Why you shouldn’t include anything other than your keywords on your LinkedIn headline [46:02]

How to connect and work with Debra to help develop your LinkedIn [46:46]

What and what not do when it comes to sharing nonbusiness content on LinkedIn [47:50]

The reasons why you shouldn’t connect with just anyone who wants to connect with you [50:53]

Debra shares some tips on posting and engagement frequency and the advantages [52:13]

How to intelligently select the most relevant hashtags and why you need to use them [53:53]


Debra Mathias has over 30 years of sales, marketing, promotions, branding, and sales management experience. As president of Connect to Clients and a LinkedIn trainer and coach for over 10 years. Her LinkedIn strategies give companies and individuals the toolkit they need to succeed in social media marketing. Her dedication to the success of others is what sets her career apart. Debra’s guiding philosophy is to “pay it forward.”

As a former race car driver for 13 years and a 17-year breast cancer survivor she puts her focus, determination, and passion for success into every aspect of her life.

Debra provides consulting services to businesses, groups, and individuals. Her training enables sales professionals to turn connections into clients and empowers people in career transition to be successful.

She has several courses available and is a keynote speaker.


She is on the Meller Marketing LinkedIn ROCKSTARS List. She was the Gahanna Chamber Commerce Ambassador of the Year, and she was Sportsman of the Year in 2004.



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