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Ep. 213 - Stacy Eads is one of Oklahoma’s 50 Women Making a Difference and also the Most Admired CEO in her home state of Oklahoma. Stacy’s company, Stacy Eads, focuses on consulting in four areas: Technology, Marketing Strategy, Sales and Service, and Team Culture. She is a problem solver, a consultant, a coach, a trainer, a speaker, and a mentor. She empowers other CEOs nationwide to embrace their leadership potential without allowing it to fatigue them. As a woman in tech who quickly achieved back-to-back awards as a Most Admired CEO in her home state of Oklahoma, Stacy Eads is now empowering other CEOs nationwide to embrace their leadership potential and propel their own success. In this episode, Stacy describes her journey from the nonprofit world to technology to career coaching, plus shares some valuable tips for leaders. Listen in to learn how to scale up your business by having the right team, the right strategy, execution, and cash. You will also learn the importance of measuring your business’s growth and performance using the leading and lagging indicators strategy.

Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of mentors for career and life guidance
  • How to be a mentor and help others while you’re on your own career journey
  • The importance of being nominated for awards and accolades plus tips on how to be as a leader doing great work
  • How to focus on your ideal client and make them the hero of your brand’s story
  • How to audit your social media strategy and ensure you’re giving to your audience at least 4 times than you’re asking
  • How to get out of your box and grow out of your comfort zone
  • Think about your strengths and weaknesses plus your short-term and long-term plans when starting your entrepreneurial journey

"The more you focus on the customer rather than yourself, the better off you’re going to be.”- Stacy Eads

In this episode you’ll discover:

Stacy describes her career journey from the nonprofit world to technology [1:59]

How she’s been helping executives globally pivot and have concrete confidence during the pandemic [5:10]

Stacy on the many awards she’s been nominated in and won throughout her career [9:08]

Tips on how to focus on building your audience and making your brand’s story all about them [13:53]

How to have the right team, the right strategy, execution, and cash to scale up your business [11:00]

Stacy recommends the Scaling Up book as a great resource for business owners [20:18]

How Stacy transitioned from a long-term technology career to career coaching [21:32]

How she took the risk of being an entrepreneur by first coming up with a clear family budget [26:19]

The key things you should keep in mind before starting your entrepreneurial journey [28:30]

How to be empathetic, inspire engagement with your team, and set the right energy as a leader [31:17]

How to look for the leading and lagging indicators in your business to measure your performance [34:10]

Learning where you derive your energy and move with it as an introverted leader [37:36]

How to focus on your processes and how to automate them as a female entrepreneur [39:20]

The power of having confidence in leadership and finding things that boost your confidence [41:27]

Why you shouldn’t be scared to put more effort into strategic planning as a small business owner [45:56]


Stacy has carved a unique niche for Sales Strategy and CEO Coaching within the Technology & Digital Marketing sector. With over 15 years of experience as a Leading Woman in Technology, she has extensive experience with Website & App Production, Social Media Creativity, Customer Journey Mapping, Software Scopes, Programming Sprints, and more. Her leadership within 3 leading-edge tech firms has touched everything from Silicon Valley to Bootstrap Start-Ups.

She helps companies who struggle with their online presence and ability to dominate search engines. If you’re leaking thousands of dollars per month to agencies, hoping to beat your competition online, it’s the time! Stacy can teach your staff self-sustainable methods for effective keywords, true ROI, website strategy, social media, and more. You can’t negotiate the best deals if you don’t even know the rulebook the techies are playing from. Don’t be taken advantage of. Get their dictionary & take back control.

She prepares Sales Processes & Standard Procedures to ensure the traits of a best A Player are being trained from Day 1 Onboarding. She focuses on a written sales playbook from A to Z, mapping the touchpoints to turn leads and prospects into a funnel filled with contracts?

Stacy has personally sifted through over 7,000 resumes and performed over 800 interviews in her career. She has a system to find A-Players to fit a team. Her background in HR, Onboarding, and Training can help weed out the bad apples before they spoil the Team Culture.


Honored among the 50 Women Making a Difference, plus Woman of the Year and Athena Women’s Leadership nominations, Stacy often gives back through Mentoring & Public Speaking to Universities and Non-Profits. She has an intense passion to give back & help others.

She has received the following awards: North America Business Excellence Forum, International Torch Ethics, President’s Club, Toastmasters, Innovator of the Year, Woman of the Year, 50 Women Making a Difference, Associated Press, Best Overall Company, Top Customer Service, PRSA, and dozens more.


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