Black History TrailBlazers #2


Black TrailBlazers Making History


Desiree Doubrox - Entrepreneur, Let's Talk Success digital magazine and Homwork 

Ep. 18 - Founder and CEO of An Empowered Woman and Homwork, Desiree Doubrox spotlights women’s achievements through her insightful interviews and a digital magazine called Let’s Talk Success. You can  subscribe to the magazine here. Homwork is a global, membership-based networking community and resource center for women professionals and entrepreneurs who travel and need a safe place to live and work. Her business development model has been key to Desiree's journey as a serial entrepreneur following in the footsteps of an entrepreneurial mother and sharing how to know when you have reached the burnout phase and need to take the time to reassess and regroup. Visit her websites: An Empowered Woman Website, and  Homwork and  listen to her podcast.

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Denise Patterson McKenney - Commissioner, Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service 

Ep. 120 - Denise Patterson McKenney withstood the disadvantages associated with the segregated public schools in Baltimore, MD during the 1950s-60s. She became a member of the 1970 freshman class at the University of Maryland College Park; the first large group of Black and inner-city students to integrate the dormitories. Upon graduation, Denise entered federal service working inside a system that was resistant to women and minorities. She prevailed becoming a Commissioner with the Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service providing domestic and global mediation of labor disputes; training domestic & foreign officials in effective negotiations and conflict resolution.

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May Snowden - Diversity and Inclusion Strategist

Ep. 162 - May Snowden is on the cutting edge of addressing diversity and inclusion. She is an independent diversity and inclusion strategist, consultant, educator, facilitator, speaker, and executive coach. She has more than 20 years of experience and insightfully creates and leads initiatives that strengthen corporate cultures and brand identification while improving relations with customers and vendors. In this episode, May talks about how corporations and small businesses can create a diverse and inclusive leadership environment.

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First African American woman to serve on the Executive Board of Directors "Fans of America" and cover of "Women with Know How" magazine

Ep. 111 - Belinda Kendall has lived through spouse abuse and fought challenge after challenge. Belinda firmly believes that the best stories remain undocumented and can only be heard from those that lived and witness it and is passionate about utilizing her platform to amplify the voices of ordinary people. Belinda Kendall is the owner and founder of Promise Media Group LLC and has spent several years working in media. She previously had her own talk show on WGIV and Hot77 the Mix where she interviewed celebrities, internationally known pastors, community leaders, professional athletes, and ordinary people with extraordinary stories. She is also the first African American woman to serve on the Executive Board of Directors "Fans of America" which is a non-profit organization that supports veterans internationally. Belinda's community service work has landed her on the cover of "Women with Know How" magazine where she told her story "Never Let Your Past Become Bigger than Your Dreams."

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Corporate Executive, Civic Leader

Ep. 40 - Patzetta Trice graduated high school and college during the turbulent 1960s. Her faith sustained her as she entered the misogynistic workplace of automotive manufacturing. Over the years she prevailed against racism and sexism becoming a GM executive. Patzetta leveraged her top corporate positions to provide funding to notable local efforts to raise up the youth, in general, and girls and women, in particular. She served as co-chair of the Indiana Commission for Women under three governors; both Republican and Democrat. Upon retirement from GM, she achieved the position of Chief Communications and Marketing Officer with the Indianapolis Airport Authority.

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