Black History TrailBlazers #10


Black TrailBlazers Making History

Tammi Davis - Activist DEI, Executive / Manager, Gov / Non-Profit Professional

Ep. 137 - Tammi Davis is Manager of Supplier and Workforce Diversity for the Obama Foundation in Chicago, working on the Obama Presidential Center. One of Tammi's unique value-adds is that she possesses experience working in the public, private, and non-profits sectors and has received numerous awards and recognitions for her dedication, leadership, and social entrepreneurship towards the achievement of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. The Northwest Indiana Influential Women Association (NWIIWA) honored Tammi Davis with the 2021 Community Leader of the Year Award. She was also a finalist for the Influential Woman In Economic Development/ Government and was awarded the Community Leader of the Year Award.

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Carolyn Reeves Hayden - Entrepreneur, Community Development Expert, International Volunteer

Ep. 11 - Carolyn Reeves Hayden married straight out of high school moving from Denver to Seattle as she and her husband both started their studies at the U. of Washington. Being a student, wife, and mom is a story shared by many women, but few women can say that in their early 30s they had started a business and secured a major national contract with American Express; especially women of color. This entrepreneurial opportunity helped grow her business acumen. Her second landmark business was marked by her selection to join the first cohort of African Americans for training and investment by the Ford Motor Corporation and leading to the ownership of a Ford dealership in North Texas. With two decades of business ownership behind her, Carolyn moved her interests into the areas of affordable housing and community development grooming other women and minorities on becoming nonprofit change agents with business discipline. Carolyn raised money from her personal and professional network to travel to Africa as a volunteer to help dig wells for fresh water in villages allowing the women of the village to start and build micro-businesses as further evidence of her commitment to global social change and women's empowerment.

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James Loewen - Activist, Educator, Author

Ep. 142 Community TrailBlazers - James Loewen's gripping retelling of American racial history as it should, and could, be taught, Lies My Teacher Told Me, has sold more than 1,500,000 copies and continues to inspire K-16 teachers to get students to challenge, rather than memorize, their textbooks. His awards include the First Annual Spivack Award of the American Sociological Association for "sociological research applied to the field of intergroup relations," the American Book Award (for Lies My Teacher Told Me), and the Oliver Cromwell Cox Award for Distinguished Anti-Racist Scholarship. He is also Distinguished Lecturer for the Organization of American Historians and Visiting Professor of Sociology at Catholic University in Washington, DC. In 2012 the American Sociological Association gave Loewen its Cox-Johnson-Frazier Award, for "scholarship in service to social justice." He is the first white person ever to win this award. Also in 2012, the National Council for the Social Studies gave Loewen its "Spirit of America" Award, previously won by, inter alia, Jimmy Carter, Rosa Parks, and Mr. Rogers. James Loewen has passed.

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Florence Woods Campagne - Women's Health Advocate, Champion for Better Health Access", Community Activist; National Spokeswoman for WomenHeart, a national nonprofit.

Ep. 95 - The survivor of heart disease with no health insurance when she needed it the most; a single mom and former federal employee, it's not hard to see why she has become a leading voice in the fight for affordable health insurance and equal access to quality health care for all. Florence became an ardent supporter of WomenHeart, a heart-healthy advocacy organization for all women, but recognizing the need for added voices in the fight to eliminate heart health disparities amongst Black women, she went on to become the founder of Open My Heart Foundation, with the mission to change behaviors of Black women that are believed to exacerbate the higher incidences of heart disease within her own community.

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Muriel Tillinghast - Activist DEI, Educator, Executive

Ep. 143 - Muriel Tillinghast has been a human rights activist from the 1960s to today. She has been on a long but fascinating journey from the initial civil rights activities in the 1960s through an extensive career in revenue generation and oversight to mediation and negotiation to educational teaching and administration. She has experience in NAG and SNCC in both desegregation and tenant rights. She has done advocacy work in AIDs, immigration, medical experimentation, murder/false accusation, alternative sentencing, prison reform, and housing issues. She was even a Green Party candidate for Vice-President in 1996!

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