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One of the most popular, effective, and simplest ways to obtain targeted emails is to develop a lead magnet for an offer on your website. A lead magnet is anything offered for free in exchange for the recipient’s email address.

Narrow your audience to focus on your ideal customer. When you have identified your ideal customer or Avatar, you can develop a lead magnet suited to their needs and desires.

Your lead magnet is something your customer would think has value. Your lead magnet should attract the right people and position those people to purchase. Who the lead magnet is for should be clear in your lead magnet marketing, addressing the key benefits of the lead magnet.

The lead magnet should have a call to action, which would be for the website visitor to enter their email to obtain the lead magnet. What gift would your ideal customer find valuable enough to provide their email address to you?

A gift, referred to as your lead magnet, is usually something that can be provided digitally. It could be a PDF, spreadsheet, cheatsheet, template, checklist, video, e-book, ultimate guide, resource library or collection of tools to achieve results . . . a downloadable product your target market would find useful. This gift is called a lead magnet.

You have a specific market audience you are trying to reach because this is the group that would be most interested in whatever you have to offer. However, you must establish your credibility with the group.


By offering a free gift, valuable to that market, you take the first step to becoming a potential expert in their eyes. In exchange, the person provides an email address which allows you to build your audience further.


Nan’s quickstart S.O.A.R. formula for your Lead Magnet:


S – Select your niche market for targeting

O – Organize your potential gifts to select the right one for your target audience

A – Ask yourself what problem you are solving with your gift

R – Reach the people who are really interested

What lead magnet would be most effective for you? What do your ideal customers wish they had that you can create for them?

You want a lead magnet so good that people will give you their email address for it.

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