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Ep. 234 - Jane Finette is the author of Unlocked and the founder and executive director of The Coaching Fellowship. She has a passion for advocating for women and girls and her organization is a non-profit that helps advance young women to become social change leaders. In this episode, Jane explains how she learned the meaning and power of community while working at both eBay and Mozilla Firefox. Listen in to learn the power of living unapologetically in your career, business, and leadership as a woman over 50 while mentoring younger women. You will also learn the importance of viewing your customers as citizens who truly own the brand of your business and who can help you build it further.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to view your customers as citizens who truly own the brand of your business
  • How taking a small action toward a good cause can make a huge impact
  • The importance of having money conversations as women to get educated on the subject
  • The importance of women over 50 mentoring younger women and living unapologetically

"Being an example and showing all of ourselves is very important so that another woman can see it's okay where they are right now. And they can ask for help." -Jane Finette

In this episode you’ll discover:

She narrates her childhood experiences and how they taught her values and humility [1:50]

How she learned the sense and power of community working at both eBay and Mozilla Firefox [5:00]

How the values of equity, connection, transparency, and community drive Jane’s work [10:14]

She talks about her work as a coach supporting young women leaders in the social impact sector [11:30]

Jane on her coaching work and how the pandemic inspired her to write her new book Unlocked [13:41]

How Tracy Chou’s small action impacted big tech companies to report on their diversity data [18:17]

The power of sharing your authentic story to inspire other women working to get to the top [24:52]

Jane on her hopes for the future and why older women need to mentor younger women [28:06]


Jane Finette is a trailblazer in her own right, one who rose from small-town beginnings in England to become a top Big Tech executive at Google and Mozilla, among others. Jane’s experience as a senior executive for Big Tech included community-building leadership roles. Obsessed with accelerating social change, Jane builds flywheel systems that spur participation and reciprocity to advance a more equitable world.

As Jane says, we are decades, if not centuries, away from women achieving economic and social equality worldwide. Across the globe, women continue to fight for access to capital, voice, opportunity, skills, and more, women's rights.

In 2014 Jane founded The Coaching Fellowship (TCFS), a non-profit organization helping advance young women social change leaders, and their work throughout the world.

Under her leadership as Executive Director, TCFS grew from helping a handful of women upon its inception to now serving more than 300+ young women of impact per year. More than 1,200 women have graduated from The Coaching Fellowship program to date from 70 countries, and now form the Women of Impact Alliance; the largest body of young women social change leaders.

Her new book, Unlocked—How Empowered Women Empower Wom launched in 2021, a unique how-to for women everywhere.  All profits from Unlocked—Empowered Women Empower Women are used to supporting Jane's women/girl empowerment nonprofit, The Coaching Fellowship [TCFS.


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