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Ep. 232 - Alison Gross weaves a fascinating story of excelling as a worldwide event planner of global events such as in Monte Carlo to coordinating the Maccabi  games and a world sailing race in the U.S. She's all about thought leadership and models it through her blogs. She started a business during COVID and explains how the new normal will be different but will adapt. She then talks about adaptive reuse and how cities like New York will change. And she talks about the 5 reasons for optimism for 2021, thinking about which things will make the largest economic impact, starting with the COVID passport. Listen in to learn the importance of articulating your business message realistically and sustainably. You will also learn how to adapt your business to the changes brought by the pandemic to enjoy success going forth.

Key Takeaways:

    • How to be courageous enough to chase after your career dreams
    • How to build your business upon thought-leadership to better reach your clients
    • Take a personal responsibility toward making a difference in climate change


"Healthy living. Exercising and walking are ways to change lives for the next generation, not just by providing healthcare and dealing with the problems that the communities are having now." -Alison Gross

In this episode you'll discover:

Alison describes her move from England to New York plus her experience working with Macy's [2:29]
How she transitioned from the fashion world to volunteering and later to financial services [4:40]
She describes the Maccabiah Games and her experience managing the event [6:04]
The most complicated events she's managed so far including the World Economic Forum in Davos [7:19]
How she handles managing challenges of a large event like Monte Carlo Insurance Rendez-Vous [12:27]
How Alison and her clients are handling working virtually through the pandemic [14:50]
She explains how she's helping her clients articulate their message in a very real way [17:24]
How cities are changing in their utilization of space, infrastructure, and commercially [19:08]
Alison elaborates her five reasons for optimism in 2021, which she wrote an article on [23:15]
The responsibility of the government, businesses, and individuals in impacting climate change [28:29]


Alison Gross is the founder and president of Daintree LLC where she provides expertise to leaders of major companies to help them create business opportunities through events and brand positioning. She guides strategic planning and development of thought leadership for revenue growth to assist her clients' visibility and reputation by producing and participating in premium business events. She is a global strategic advisor, providing expertise on reputation, brand positioning and marketing. She uses world-class engagements, both physical and virtual, to design events that harness business networks.

Daintree is focused on enhancing stakeholder value and broadening brand awareness on a global scale with opportunities for revenue growth. She helps clients articulate key subject matter that is integrated with the company's identity.


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