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Video has become a popular medium!  But how do you break into it? What does it take to set up a channel and become an influencer?

The reality is that anyone can become an influencer. It's all about consistency in posting and SEO.


This course has a step-by-step guide that is different than the others out there. How? I don’t speed through it, assuming you found on the site what I was talking about and moving on so quickly that no one can follow – unless you’re under 40!

The course modules include screen captures with an on-screen demonstration of every step. You can “rewind” it and watch it often.

The course includes an Action Plan workbook that lays out the step-by-step and a special bonus of Video Templates!

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Join me to find out how to set up your “persona”, what equipment to purchase, and how to become that star – on any topic you choose!

If you are at the “I don’t have time to do this” stage, I also have a consulting service where I can do it for you.  Just email me at and we can connect!



Module 1. Getting Started

Ep. 1 – Why Do You Want a YouTube Channel?

Ep. 2 – Establish Your Own Voice

Ep. 3 – Trust Me

Module 2. Setup

Ep. 1 – Set Up Your Channel

Ep. 2 – Settings

Ep. 3 – Customize Channel Setup

Module 3. Video Creation

Ep 1 – Equipment

Ep. 2 – Your Image

Ep 3 – Your Cheat Sheets

Ep 4 – Zoom

Ep 5 – Edit Video

Module 4. The Main Feature

Ep. 1 - Your Video Library and Channel Page

Module 5. Conclusion


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