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Ep. 244 - Are the limiting beliefs you’re harboring for yourself what is stopping you from living intentionally? Diane Forster explains how you can shift your mindset and start dreaming again.

She shares how she’s helping her clients start living plus much more (note Career below). Diane is the model of online marketing and branding, and we provide links for many examples of what she has created. She is a TV star with her own channel, a podcaster, a coach, and much more. One of the most amazing women for today’s environment I have met!

In this episode, she talks about her billion women’s mission and how she’s doing it. Listen in to learn how to live intentionally focusing on positive thoughts rather than living up to the external circumstances. You will also learn how to build your worthiness muscle so you can become confident and fulfill the freedom and creative expression you crave as a woman over 50.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to shift your mindset from harboring limiting beliefs and only focusing on positive thoughts
  • How to stop living up to the external circumstances and decide to live intentionally
  • How having a TV show can transform your career or business, plus how you can do it
  • How to do things with an intention for your audience and brand
  • Take today and start living towards your dreams intentionally figuring out what’s right for you

"If you’ve come up with an idea, chances are you’ve received it and it’s meant for you to pursue it.”- Diane Forster

In this episode you will learn:

Diane highlights winning the Innovation Award as her best award moment and why [1:30]

How her past personal experiences influenced her to start her billion women mission [4:34]

How she helps her clients be aware of their blocks, shift their mindset, and start dreaming again [8:15]

How to get rid of what’s blocking you, get clear on what you want, and start living intentionally [13:48]

How to build your worthiness and deservingness muscle to become confident in who you are [17:25]

Why the over 50 women Diane works with crave fulfillment, freedom, and creative expression [18:36]

The struggles of women over 50 as they transition into the 2nd phase and how Diane helps them [21:53]

She describes the 50s as the disruption decade, the 60s as consistent, and the 70s as tenacious [26:57]

The awards she’s won for her remarkable coaching skills plus what makes her unique in business [31:05]

How having a TV show influenced Diane’s business and why she’s teaching other women to do it [33:22]

Tips on how to build and design an aligned and intentional brand [39:13]

Why she’s launching a for-women by-women television network that supports women [42:35]


Diane is the 2021 Global Excellence Award Winner for America’s Most Inspiring Mindset Coach, and the 2020 Winner for Life Coach of the Year in California. She is an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine. She is a Certified Coach, Mentor, Mastermind Facilitator, and NLP Practitioner, Certified Practitioner in Human Interaction Technology.

She is the best-selling author of “I HAVE TODAY: Find Your Passion, Purpose and Smile…Finally!” and five other books.

Her LIVE TV Show along with her Podcast, “I Have Today with Diane Forster” and all her other products and programs help people live enriched, empowered, inspiring lives.

In Diane’s Mindset Coaching Practice, she uses her unique processes that produce rapid, positive changes for her clients. They call her, “The Miracle Queen” and the “Dream Come True Maker.” Her 3-step processes, including “Love It! Thank It! Bring It!,” her customized “Mantra Meditations” and her two-part approach called, “Genifesting” allow her clients to feel better, more inspired, and happier while manifesting the changes they seek in their lives, both personally and professionally, incredibly quickly.

Diane’s career began in advertising and TV sales, including DISNEY/ABC.


Diane Forster is the 2020 Global Excellence Award Winner for Life Coach of the Year in California. She is an Award-Winning Inventor of The SPIFTER and has been featured on QVC.


Diane has also been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, The Chicago Tribune, San Diego Voyager, Business News Daily and many other TV, Radio, and Podcast shows.

Diane is a regular guest and co-host on “The Edge” Radio Show on KHTS Radio in Los Angeles. She has written articles for Inventors Digest Magazine and writes an inspiring weekly blog.


Through this page only, Diane is offering her Desired Life Assessment for $250 ($50 discount) through this link: Assessment

If you don’t put a strategic vision and plan in place, your life will just “happen” to you. You must be intentional about your goals. During this session, together we will help you get clarity, focus, and direction in your life, personally and professionally.

By the end of the session, you will have an intentional roadmap and a clear path to take your life to the next level.


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