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Kitchen Shelves

One thing I discovered – all this remodeling is new to me – is that you can order drawer slides from Wayfair so everything is more accessible. I really love that!

They slide right out, and you can reach all those things you didn't even know you had in the back of the lower cabinet!

Here’s what they look like. The great part is that you can install them yourself or hire a handy person to do it. In Tucson, I had a cabinet maker create these, and it was a lot more expensive than buying them ready-made. You just send your measurements in. The drawer hardware is included.


One other problem was that I had this big pantry cabinet, but the shelves were deep. I constantly had to sort through the items on the front to figure out what I had in the back of the cabinet.  I had a lot of spices and condiments (although I had donated many, many of them before I left Tucson) but no good place to put them.

In Tucson, I had a spice rack that went over the cabinet door. However, this pantry had doors that were divided, so the bottom part was not big enough to store even my spices. So what to do?

On Wayfair, I discovered a product called Slide-A-Shelf which I used for the shelf pull-outs, but I also found a full height shelf pullout with many shelves where I could see all my spices and condiments!

I had a handyman divide the shelves in two, so I still had shelves for my bread maker, instapot, and other big items. In the other half of the pantry cabinet, he installed this pull-out.

Note the front of it as I open the cabinet door. I am going to paint the front white.



Notice what it looks like when I pull it out.

Now I have room for my spices and condiments!

Yes, I do alphabetize my spices so they are easier to find, but this pull-out makes it possible to actually see what I have!

That is a LOT less expensive than hiring a carpenter to do all this.

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