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Traveling with Miles and Points

Do you love to travel like I do?  I was all set to go on a cruise in Europe when COVID hit. We postponed it twice and finally have made our arrangements. Fortunately, we had enough credit with the discounts they offered because of the COVID environment, we were able to book two cruises.

This trip may be our last long trip unless I can get more miles through purchases. But that will take a long time! If you want to go Business Class, it will take about 300K miles per person for a round trip ticket. After traveling for work for 30 years, I had some miles left. However, this trip will use up most of them. So I have the choice of stringing them out or taking one big trip. You know which one I chose!

We will start our adventure to visit 7 countries in Europe. I want to take you with me! Want to go? You can travel from the armchair, as Rick Steves says.

You may say, “Boy, I wish I could leave for a long vacation!” Let me tell you how I can keep my business going while I’m gone. You probably can, too.

With a business, I can control my time. Although I know I will be doing some work while I’m gone, I also know that the internet on cruise ships is flaky. Sometimes it’s very good and other times it’s impossible.

That’s why I want to talk about how I have planned to be away, and you can see if any of this would work for you if you are running your own business after 60.

My first concern is my podcast and YouTube channel. I have 6 episodes to get ready to post so that my assistant, Abby, can do the final publishing. If I have all the information – the edited audio and video, the show notes, and information about their career, each episode takes about five hours to pull it all together and ready to post on the podcast sites and the YouTube channel.

I also have to consider the social media to plan for – and the instructions for my staff so they can continue to get their work done while I am gone.

What would you have to do to be physically gone from your business but be in spotty contact through the internet? If you list out what it would take, it may not be impossible.

The work agenda is in addition to packing, getting my itinerary together, counting out my pills, and the regular stuff you have to plan for.

We are going to be in seven countries on this trip from Iceland to Portugal. Packing for cold and hot is going to be a challenge!

If you could only have one suitcase, what would you take?

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