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How do we get along when everyone has their own definition of freedom? I have been thinking about three words and how they link together. Freedom – Independence and Responsibility.

Total freedom is not possible where people live together. Nobody can have their way all the time. What is independence to one person may be a restriction to another.

I want the choice to make independent decisions. But that is where responsibility comes in. Society’s role is to balance freedom and independence with responsibility. That’s what we learn – or don’t – as we grow up.

The role of rules is to balance freedom with responsibility so that most of society can make independent decisions within a reasonable framework. You can’t isolate any of these words because you don’t live on an island by yourself. And if you did, the birds and animals might not agree with you.

You can argue your point as long as you maintain respect for the other person’s point of view.

We must have freedom, independence, and responsibility within a framework of rules to make society work.

We must be accountable for our own actions. We must set an example for our children, our neighbors, and the world.

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