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Ep. 245 - Marie Clarke is the Vice President of Global Programs at Women for Women International. She previously served as ActionAid USA’s Executive Director and a member of various global leadership bodies for the ActionAid International Federation.

She has over twenty years of experience in global development, human rights, and economic justice.

In this episode, Marie talks about the transformative programs they have at Women for Women that are transforming and empowering underprivileged women. Listen in to learn how Women for Women has socially and economically empowered women in deeply marginalized places. You will also learn how you can invest in transformative programs and sponsor women from deeply marginalized places.

Key Takeaways:

  • How women can transform their communities by building meaningful working relationships
  • How you can sponsor and support women from underprivileged countries with your solidarity
  • Be part of building the world by getting involved and investing in transformative programs
  • Consider welcoming women refugees into your community and engaging with organizations

"The normalization of violence can be so pervasive in communities, but when women bond together and address it together, it gives them a spring that enables them to address some of those deeply harmful social norms.”- Marie Clarke

In this episode you will learn:

Marie on how growing up internationally led her to a career in women empowerment [1:52]

Women for Women programs that help underprivileged women achieve economic development [5:12]

She describes the similarities in the issues that face the women they help across the globe [9:27]

How the pandemic positively and negatively impacted domestic violence cases across the globe [11:43]

How women can unite and address the harmful social norms that lead to domestic violence [13:27]

Marie on how they’ve economically empowered women in deeply marginalized places [14:49]

How women are contributing to building a peaceful society by bonding and working together [17:57]

The current social situation in Afghanistan and what you can do to help [21:05]

Why Marie believes that women becoming soldiers doesn’t improve their rights [25:23]

How Women for Women helps and supports displaced or refugee women [28:00]

An example of entrepreneurial success in one of the countries Women for Women supports [30:25]

How you can sponsor underprivileged women and support them with your solidarity [31:49]

How they’re experimenting with peer mentoring the women in their programs [33:30]

The creativity, tenacity, and motivation that women in transformative programs have [37:32]

The top three actions Marie would like you to take to support other women [41:04]



Prior to Women for Women International, Marie Clarke served as ActionAid USA’s Executive Director and a member of various global leadership bodies for the ActionAid International Federation. Ms. Clarke has over twenty years of experience in global development, human rights and economic justice. She currently serves as the elected Northern Civil Society Representative on the Steering Committee of the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP), a multilateral mechanism created by the G20 for donor countries and institutions to invest in client country agriculture and food security programs.


She has been quoted on issues of women’s rights, agriculture, energy and international economic justice in the Financial Times, Washington Post, New York Times, Los Angeles Times and other publications and has appeared on CNN and CNN International, BBC, Voice Of America and other news networks.





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