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Drawer Dividers 2

I found there were many new little things on the market that made a lot of sense and didn't cost a lot. I added links at the bottom of this article so you can find them on Amazon.

I mentioned the drawer pull-outs and pantry pull-out in another post. Those pull-outs were one of the biggest innovations!

The drawer dividers keep everything neat and visible!

In addition, I found drawer dividers on Amazon. The contents of our drawers tend to get jumbled and end up being a big mess where you can't find anything you are looking for.  It drives me crazy!

These dividers have to be at least the length of your drawer but are the easiest thing to install you ever saw! You just put them in place and lift one little piece to lock them in. Everything now has it's place and is very easy to see.

The cabinet pulls I got on Wayfair. They are gray so they match everything, and I used the same pulls on the living room cabinets and on the bathroom cabinets.  The only problem I had is that I ordered 3.75" and received 5" so I had to have the cabinet painter fill all the holes. I had another person redrill the holes for 5" and install all the handles.

Although I originally put all the spices in the pull-out pantry, it was hard to find the ones I use constantly quickly. So, again on Amazon, I looked for a spice "rack" which goes inside a drawer. I had a drawer I hadn't filled and placed this rack inside. Now I have all the spices I regularly use quickly accessible.

This is really helpful! And it looks neat and organized.

I also found that they make a drying cloth to drain the dishes you handwash in the same pattern as the quartz countertops! And I purchased a couple of new white cutting boards. They now have boards where you use one side for cutting meat, etc. and another side for vegetables. Wow! What next?

Another favorite is the sink and the faucet. The sink was black and badly scratched. I replaced it with a stainless steel deep sink which works very well. Then let me tell you about the faucet. You are going to want one of these! In Tucson, I had a faucet that was a touch faucet which means that when your hands are all goopy with the hamburger you are using to make your meatloaf, the faucets get all goopy. With this faucet, you simply use the back of your hand to touch the faucet itself and it turns on - and off - that way.

The problem I had is that it took a lot of batteries, and we went through them in six months. The literature says they will last longer, but I sure didn't find that. Then, as I was reading about the faucet on Amazon, I realized that there was an expensive plug that you could add and, if you had an outlet under your sink, you could plug it in - and no more batteries! I love this faucet!

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Touch Faucet

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