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About three weeks before I take a big trip, I think about REALLY going on a diet. And, of course, I’m always thinking about the most drastic diet of all. No food – just a protein shake for every meal.

I can usually last until that first night. I’m tired about cocktail hour and start thinking about dinner. I have to fix it for Jim anyway, so I think, “Well, I’ll just have the meat and vegetable – at the most – and just leave it at that.” After my cocktail – hmm. Just a Bud Lite. There are almost no carbs in those. Or let’s see. A glass of wine is only 150 calories. Or a vodka with LaCroix is about the same number of calories - and there I go.

I go through two weeks of that and now I realize there is only one week left. Can I possibly lose 25 pounds in a week?

I tried on that Alaska jacket, and it zips but doesn’t really slide back down my hips. I won’t need it for another week. Yes, that 25 pounds this week would be good.

Then my daughter calls and says, “Hey, we are out by the pool on the new deck. Want to come over for a libation and dinner?” And there I go.

Why do I have these genes? It just isn’t fair. Oh, well. I have a week left.

And I have a plan for when I get back. Here’s the program I’m going to start.



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