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Ep. 256 - Colin Gray is the founder of The Podcast Host & Alitu.com, speaker, podcaster, SAAS founder, and teacher. Alitu is an automated podcast recording & editing tool, while The Podcast Host is one of the longest-running and most authoritative podcasting blogs on the web.

Nan says, "I have used Alitu for my entire podcasting journey and highly recommend the program. You can add, edit and delete with the editing function. You now can get a transcript - so many features! You can store all of your podcasts on his site as well! And it's reasonable in price! And he even has a Podcast Academy!"

Listen in to learn the power of podcasting in connecting with the audience compared to other media, plus how to utilize it. You will also learn why easing into business and doing different things might be the best way to start and build a successful business.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to use content to figure out what your audience needs and grow your online business
  • Why you need to have a goal around your podcast for it to be successful
  • How to brainstorm a problem, solution, and uniqueness before starting a podcast
  • Why easing your way into business can be the best way to start and be successful
  • How to experiment with different businesses before settling with the one that takes off

"Content is such a great way to figure out what the world needs if you’re interested in an area.”- Colin Gray

In this episode you will learn:

Colin on how he got fascinated by the world of podcasting and made a career out of it [1:11]

How he used his audience’s feedback to create content and grow his business [3:00]

How they bootstrapped and used government funding in the early days of starting Alitu [4:06]

He explains how Alitu has simplified audio editing for podcasters by removing the complexities [5:52]

Colin on the podcasts he hosts and how his craft has evolved over the years [7:56]

The personality, connection, and attention that podcasting offers compared to other media [9:53]

The different reasons you can start a podcast and how it can be successful [11:27]

The three things to think about before starting a podcast to ensure you provide the best value [13:39]

How to monetize your podcast plus why sponsorship is not the best way to monetize [16:35]

Why Colin believes that video will not completely take over podcasting [20:38]

The business advice you need to start and build a solid business [21:52]

The challenge of social media connection today plus why we need physical connection more [25:07]

CEO & Founder Colin Gray is a podcaster, international speaker, PhD, and founder of The Podcast Host and Alitu.

Colin started out in Astrophysics, before realizing how much math was required.  Turns out Podcasting has less math and more interesting puzzles!

Now he’s been in podcasting for 12 years and aims to help everyone to get their voice heard.

How did Alitu get its start? Colin and Matthew were in their little office in Dundee, Scotland in the U.K, beavering away on article after article, trying to help with it, alongside a bunch of client editing work… when they thought: “A lot of this is the same every time. Can we automate it?” and “95% of these audition features are total overkill! Can I get rid of them?”

He founded thePodcastHost.com (content site) back in 2010 to teach people how to run a great podcast. And he founded Alitu.com (podcast maker app) in 2017 to help podcasters do it more easily with software.

He not only has the Alitu site, the Podcast Host podcast, but also has the Podcast Academy, a podcast blog, and a Podcast Planner.



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