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Fighting the Burnout Menace

Ep. 254 - Robin Shear is a certified joy coach and speaker who has spent decades helping depleted givers like health care professionals, educators, and parents feel good so they can give from a place of fullness and lead effectively again. In this episode, Robin talks about her own career journey and why she became a joy coach to help others find joy and freedom in what they do. Listen in to learn the importance of allowing yourself the freedom to have joy in your life and doing what you can to achieve it. You will also learn how to overcome doubts of pursuing your goals to achieve fulfilment at any age.

Key Takeaways:

  • The power of joy in building perseverance and resilience as opposed to happiness
  • Define joy and understand the things that will help you achieve joy in your life
  • How to embrace empathy in relationships to understand each other and thrive
  • How to let go of your doubts and go after that dream of starting a business
  • The importance of starting a business on what you love doing and showing up authentically

"There’s beauty in service but we deserve to be served as well.” - Robin Shear

In this episode you will learn:

Robin on why she started a coaching business plus her career journey in different other things [0:54]

Defining joy and why it’s more beneficial and longer lasting than happiness [5:30]

The importance of pouring joy back into your life even as you serve and give to others [11:37]

How focusing on joyful moments daily can lead to joy and pain existing at the same time [13:49]

The burnout menace in parents today, signs of it, and the steps to take to overcome it [19:59]

Why parents need to address their fears in these uncertain times and what they should focus on [23:25]

The importance of showing empathy in relationships to get to know each other better [26:11]

The challenges facing women over 65 years today and how they can start living with significance [28:20]

Robin on how she helps people find joy plus her mission of spreading joy to the world [31:57]

The mental and physical challenges of being an online entrepreneur and how to overcome them [34:10]

Robin’s business tips for women over 65 who want to start businesses [37:31]


Robin founded Joy To The World Coaching, through which she provides joy coaching to individuals online and joy-boosting presentations to groups virtually and in person.

She is a Whole Person Certified Coach who is certified through the International Coaching Federation.

Robin aids her clients in thinking optimistically, helps them define and incorporate joy into all aspects of their lives, and encourages them to share their joy with the world.

She especially loves helping parents and kids know each other better, talk about the tough stuff, and have more fun together. Robin has served in various roles, including a registered dietitian, youth pastor, and life enrichment team member at senior living communities.

Her first professional calling was in the field of dietetics, which she adored and never planned to leave. She got to teach nutrition at the college level, lead worksite wellness classes around the community, and do public speaking.

She lights up in front of an audience. She will speak to any group that would benefit from a joy boost!

She also ran a nutrition counseling practice where she specialized in eating disorder recovery. Here she met wonderful but deeply burdened people who slowly came to life before her eyes. One of her formerly anorexic clients has said that the day they went to a Halloween store and dressed up like an outhouse and the Incredible Hulk was a turning point in her recovery. Who knew that joyful experiences could inspire actual living?

After 8 years of volunteering as a church youth group leader, it became clear the time had come to leave the field of dietetics and focus solely on youth ministry as a profession. She jumped in with both feet and had a complete blast connecting with kids of all ages and their families, aiming to help them see how God’s word is alive and relevant in their everyday lives. They talked about everything in relation to scripture, went to tons of concerts and youth gatherings to help them feel connected with other believers their age, got involved in countless service projects and mission trips, and had a riot doing it all.

For a brief, sweet period, she served senior citizens in the area of life enrichment. She cherished being adopted by the elderly residents of four distinct communities, learning about their lives and values while creating moments of meaning. They went on mystery trips and grew their weekly exercise classes to standing room only.

Robin’s greatest sources of joy include sharing experiences with her family, developing her faith and learning about other faith traditions, and helping others live fully. She lives with her husband, two 20-something children, and their bouncy-ball-obsessed-Goldendoodle.

For Robin's free video "Six Shortcuts to Joy In Your Family," go to freevideo.joytotheworldcoaching.com.



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