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How to Live the Healthy Life after 50

Ep. 259 -Do you want to regain strength and start living your best life as you age? Alicia Jones shares with us how she helps women over 50 regain their energy and zeal for life with her health and fitness program specifically designed for this group.

Alicia Jones lost weight and found a healthy lifestyle without fad diets and without punishing physical routines.

For 16  years she’s helped transform the health and the lives of women over 50 through her fitness and weight loss strategies.

Alicia Jones is a highly recognized health and fitness expert with over 15 years of experience transforming the health and lives of women over 50 through fitness and weight loss strategies. Her 12-week signature program Over Fifty Fit & Fabulous has helped countless women achieve a wide range of goals.

Listen in to learn the importance of developing a healthy lifestyle to get your strength and health back at any age. You will also learn the importance of having a passion and starting a business to execute that passion no matter your age.

Key Takeaways:

  • How getting into fitness after 50 allows you to get strong and live your best healthy life
  • How making healthy choices can positively impact the way you age
  • Don’t be afraid to go for it and start a new business as a woman over 60

"Whatever age you are, it’s about finding a passion in life and continuing with that passion.”- Alicia Jones

In this episode you will learn:

How Alicia can help women over 60 get back to shape and transform their lives [0:48]

The benefits of working out plus how to develop an exciting routine [2:27]

How your hormones affect your weight loss after menopause and what to do about it [4:40]

Alicia on how she consults and works with women of different ages [6:39]

She explains what makes her program different and how she has designed it to provide value [8:16]

When she opens doors for new clients next, plus how her program is personalized [11:11]

How her mother’s and grandmother’s health choices inspired Alicia to start her now career [14:10]

Why she’s using TV as the media to educate women on better health choices at any age [16:21]

The common challenges that women over 60 are currently facing [18:26]

How to find a passion and start a business no matter what age you are without fear [22:21]


When Alicia Jones lost weight and found a healthy lifestyle without fad diets or punishing herself with exercise, she felt passionate about sharing how to do this with others.

After maintaining her own healthy weight loss for over 20 years, and while finishing her   B.A in Kinesiology, she opened her first fitness company.

“I’ve always wanted to work with people who recognized that fitness was more than just improving how you look.” Alicia says, “It’s about being beautiful, healthy, and strong from the inside out so you can enjoy your best life and create your best years.”

Alicia feels passionate that each person is unique, and not just a number. “I don't believe that each woman should be a specific size or follow the exact same fitness and weight loss formula. We are all unique, and we deserve to find a plan that fits our lifestyles.”

While working as a fitness coach, she began gravitating towards helping women in their 50s at the gym. It was completely refreshing.

The more she focused her attention on serving only them, the more they began to share their lives with her- concerts they went to with their girlfriends, fun family vacations they were organizing, the time they’d spend playing with their grandbabies, their upcoming retirement plans. She became inspired by their outgoing drive to create enjoyment and build freedom into what they were doing with their lives.

Their stories and adventures gave Alicia a whole different perspective on life. She quickly became 100% committed to helping women over 50 feel as healthy and energized as they could be.

In 2017, Alicia decided to take a major leap and get serious about the online world. On a dream trip to Italy where she went to focus solely on online coaching (and traveling, one of her life’s passions) she landed her first-ever online client! The rest, they say, is history.

Alicia is committed to health and living a healthy adventurous life and her passion is to help others achieve the same.  Find out more on how to do this at aliciajoneshealthyliving.com and read her informative blog https://aliciajoneshealthyliving.com/my-story-dedicated-to-all-women-over-50/


Alicia has appeared on various health and wellness television programs and produced and hosted Health Matters and The View: Health and Wellness On Rogers TV.


She has a B.A in Kinesiology and adds many certifications to her list of qualifications, including National Coach of Canada (NCCP), Advanced Sport Nutrition, Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Training Specialist: Canfit-pro and many others.



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