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Role of a Butler on the Azamara Quest Cruise Ship | Robert D’sa | Travel Series

Robert D'sa

Azamara Cruise Line

Ep. 266 - Robert D’sa is dedicated and diligent, as are most of the staff working on a cruise ship. For many, this career requires being away from home for nine months.

Robert D'sa is a butler on the Azamara Quest cruise ship. He’s been working with Azamara since 2009 and has worked in many positions before getting to his current position as a butler.

In this episode, Robert shares how he rose through different job ranks to be in his current butler position.

Listen in to learn about the role of a butler on a cruise ship and how they’re mandated to serve the guests. You will also learn the importance of being hard-working, passionate, and dedicated to achieving success in any career path.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to stay motivated by being passionate and dedicated to your job
  • The importance of advanced preparation and planning for efficient performance
  • Job duties in the role of a Butler on a cruise ship

"If you work hard, be determined, and be dedicated, then you will find success.”- Robert D-sa


In this episode you will learn:

Robert’s career beginnings plus how he was inspired by the success of others to start sailing [1:10]

He explains how he rose through the ranks to become a butler plus his contract arrangement [2:28]

How he stays motivated by working hard, being passionate, and dedicated to his job [4:31]

He explains the role of a butler and how he relates with guests to give them personalized service [5:26]

Robert’s advice to young people looking to pursue a career on a cruise ship [8:33]

He explains his and the rest of the crew’s schedule and how they assist the guests [9:05]

He describes his best moments plus the dreams he has for the future [13:53]


Robert has been working for Azamara since 2009 in many positions. He started as a dishwasher and worked his way up. He is an inspiration and role model for young people to see what their future can be with hard work and perseverance.

Find out the difference between a butler and a cabin attendant and why it is essential to know as a cruise passenger.

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