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A Story of Sexual Abuse and Triumph | Cindy Benezra

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Under the Orange Blossoms

Ep. 271 - Cindy Benezra is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, sexual abuse advocate, and author of Under the Orange Blossoms book. She found trauma at a young age in the form of sexual abuse by her own father. This episode is one about overcoming and becoming more than your trauma. Cindy Benezra shares her sexual abuse story from her childhood, healing journey, and her passion for advocating for sexual abuse survivors. Her story is about surviving sexual abuse and how that shaped the resilient woman she is today.

Listen in to learn the importance of having discussions around sexual abuse so we can find a solution rather than ignoring that it exists. You will also learn how to use breathwork, meditation, journaling, visualization, and moving your body to connect with yourself and heal from your trauma.

Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of having discussions around sexual abuse and finding a solution
  • How to positively shift your mindset by telling yourself positive mantras and quotes
  • How to challenge yourself to heal by undertaking uncomfortable steps toward healing
  • How breathwork, meditation, and journaling allows you to connect with yourself and get perspective
  • The healing and grounding power of moving your body, especially in nature

"Challenge yourself to heal, so if it’s uncomfortable, then that’s probably the right choice for you.” - Cindy Benezra

In this episode, you will learn:

Cindy shares her first recollection of the first time her father sexually abused her [1:01]

She details his continued abuse, the adult-like photography, and how fear kept her silent [4:08]

How her mother kept silent and failed to stand up for her and her children [9:23]

Her mind checking out, remembering everything as a teen, and dealing with depression [17:13]

The anger and desire to kill her dad, plus the blame she put on herself for the abuse [21:08]

The inspiration behind naming her book Under the Orange Blossoms [26:17]

Her desire to get an admission of the abuse from her father and how it felt when it happened [29:08]

How she broke the abuse cycle by choosing not to become the monster she was turning into [32:03]

How her past trauma has turned her into a sexual abuse awareness advocate [35:50]

She advises sexual abuse survivors to hang in there and have faith that they will heal [38:22]

The free mindful ways you can undertake to challenge yourself and start healing your trauma [39:50]

How she uses the power of visualization to find healing within herself [50:52]

How to reach out to Cindy if you need someone to talk to about your pain or trauma [52:44]


Cindy Benezra is an author, inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, and sexual abuse advocate. She is the author of the newly released memoir, Under The Orange Blossoms.

Cindy is the founder of CindyTalks™, a platform where she discusses healing tools and stories of hope for other trauma survivors. She engages with her readers through honesty, humility, and genuine care for those who have walked a similar path.

Cindy Benezra offers healing through telling her own story as inspiration, but also self-help tools for healing and thriving. Her story reaches a wide audience as she discusses many forms of trauma related to abuse, divorce, suicide, sickness, and death.

Cindy is also the co-founder of a luxury event company, where she spends much of her time creating beautiful spaces for some of the most important events in people’s lives. Her eye for style and design has won Elite Events numerous awards and spotlight features. Currently, Cindy and her husband reside in Seattle, Washington, and are parents of four adult children.


Cindy doesn't know what's happening to her. An American teenager living in Spain, she's rocked by nightmares revealing dark secrets. Her childhood is being rewritten at night and everything she thought she knew about herself is wrong. She must rediscover who she is in light of the revelations.

As a young girl, Cindy endured years of abuse at the hands of her father. As an adult, she seeks freedom from her past while also dealing with her mother's death, divorce, and her son's ongoing health crises.

Despite her father's unthinkable violation, Cindy cares for him as an old man facing his mortality. In his final years, she interviews her dad, chasing his guilty confession before it's too late.


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