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How to Be a Great Podcast Guest | Anastasia Lipske

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Speaker and Podcast Guest Booking

Ep. 273 - Have you ever thought of how you can promote your business to like-minded people without spending money on ads? Speaking and appearing as a podcast guest is a strategy that can help you promote your business. Our guest, Anastasia Lipske, is an expert with this strategy and is here to help us understand how to do it.

Anastasia Lipske is a speaker, podcast booking agent, branding consultant for speakers and podcast guests, podcast guest, and co-author. She helps speakers and podcast guests generate influence, awareness, and clients. In this episode, she talks about her career pivot and why she believes in the power of speaking and podcasting.

Listen in to learn how to pitch yourself as a speaker or a podcast guest on different platforms and ensure you resonate with the host and their audience. You will also learn the right strategy to promote yourself as a podcast guest and, in turn, promote your business and be visible on search engines.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to let your life experiences guide you to the next big thing that might change your life
  • Pay attention to anyone speaking and podcast guesting in podcasts that you align with
  • How to promote yourself and your business by appearing as a speaker or podcast guest
  • How to find joy and happiness regardless of what’s going on in the outside world
  • The importance of using your voice to bless people and get your message out there


"“If you just pay attention to the things that are brought into the life experiences you have, you never know what those experiences are going to give you that’s going to help you get that next thing.” - Anastasia Lipske

In this episode, you will learn:

Anastasia shares her extensive career in tourism and how she landed in what she does now [0:59]

She explains how she allowed herself to walk through doors that led to a fulfilling career [10:55]

Techniques to help you become a better podcast guest that’s bringing value [14:57]

She explains the different ways she and her clients use to get in front of women groups [19:09]

How to promote a podcast you’re a guest in and make yourself visible to search engines [27:18]

The different ways you can get paid or sponsored to speak to an audience [33:47]

The Thriving Women in Business community for women speakers to list events and other things [39:53]

The dos and don’ts to keep in mind if you want to consistently be invited as a podcast guest [48:03]

Why she wishes for her children and grandchildren to always find joy and happiness [49:48]

She describes her significance as the ability to be a legacy to her family [51:42]

The things that Anastasia is grateful for after her son had a near-death experience [53:44]


Having booked more than 1,500 speaking engagements and podcast interviews on behalf of her clients, it would be safe to say that Anastasia knows what it takes to get booked!

Before creating her high-touch speaker and podcast booking agency, she had more than thirty years of experience in the tourism industry. She gained vast event management experience and has been involved in more conferences than she can count.

Her sales, marketing, and PR know-how helped her build credibility with international suppliers whom she helped grow their businesses.

Through creating women’s retreats and organizing social media conferences, Anastasia has first-hand knowledge of the other side of booking speakers. She speaks the language of speaker chairs and meeting planners who are tasked with finding great speakers for their meetings and events. Her agency also books clients as guests on podcasts as that industry continues to grow.

It pleases Anastasia to know that she is helping people grow their businesses and better brand themselves as speakers and or podcast guests allowing them to share their powerful messages to more people in the world!

Prior to founding her business, Anatasia developed and managed wine cruises as well as wine-focused shore excursions. Worked directly with international wine experts, sommeliers, wineries, and ground operators to produce unique and highly rated shore tours. These private-label shore tours were sold exclusively to our wine cruise group members as well as stand-alone tours offered through Oceania and Regent cruise lines.

She was the Director of Business Development and New Media for Social Biz Now, a social media company educating individuals and small businesses on how to create/implement sales and marketing strategies using a host of new media marketing tools, social media and the social web, blogging technologies, and the marriage of digital and traditional media.


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