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Ep. 274 - This is your episode if you’re looking for effective ways to market your business online without paying for ads. Donna Miller of Purse Power interviews Greg Russell, who discusses the available strategies to help you generate leads through organic marketing.

Greg Russell is the founder/CEO of SuccessTeam Marketing Group, LLC., a digital marketing company that helps entrepreneurs succeed online.

He helps Business Coaches, Consultants, Sales Executives, and Entrepreneurs solve the #1 business problem of consistently generating enough qualified leads. His 100% "Done For You" Cashflow Machine turns targeted prospects you select into leads daily.

He aims to help as many people as possible become just as excited and knowledgeable about the Internet as he is.

"I’m the Founder/CEO of SuccessTeam1, an internet marketing company I established to take the “guesswork” out of marketing small businesses on the Internet."

In this episode, Greg explains the history of marketing and how to use paid and non-paid marketing to generate leads properly. Listen in to learn the mistakes you’re likely making with paid ads, plus how effective marketing can give you freedom. You will also learn how to use Facebook groups to organically market your business to a ready target audience.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to make your ads more effective by using organic marketing to get to paid ads
  • How to find a Facebook group, connect with the members, and generate leads
  • The importance of networking to effectively do organic marketing and generate ads

"When you can generate consistent leads for your business, you can grow and scale.” - Greg Russell

In this episode, you will learn:

Greg talks about failure and the value of generating consistent leads for business growth [2:27]

He describes how his business has allowed him the freedom to be with his family [6:24]

The mistakes businesses make with paid ads and organic marketing [13:33]

The history of paid ads and the challenge entrepreneurs are facing with paid ads today [19:10]

How to use organic marketing to get to paid ads much quicker and effectively [26:07]

How to approach the Facebook group strategy to market your business organically [29:15]

Why networking with Facebook group members isn’t breaking any group rules [41:06]

The signs to look out for to know when transitioning from organic marketing to paid ads [43:44]


As a lifelong entrepreneur, Greg Russell understands the importance of effectively marketing businesses to the vast arena of clients on and off cyberspace.  Early on he recognized how revolutionary, cost-effective, and efficient Internet marketing can be for the small business owner.

His entrepreneurial spirit emerged as a high school student in 1992 when he developed a nutritional supplement business.

After studying lots of information about the Internet, he moved the business to cyberspace in 1996 and quickly became an expert in online marketing and web design.

During this time, he also developed mentor/mentee relationships with several of the world’s top Internet marketing experts/

Understanding that other business owners could significantly affect the success of their businesses by using the Internet, he decided to share his experiences with the rest of the business world.

His motivation has always been about helping others, so he started teaching anyone who would listen about the untapped opportunities on the Internet.

To assist this endeavor, he founded SuccessTeam1 in 2001 and became his own client.  He tested my strategies and ideas on his own business and began sharing those proven techniques with others as his client base began to grow.

The tagline for his company, “We Make Technology Make Sense”, further solidifies his desire to teach and help others achieve success.  He is always available to answer questions and provide insight.

He founded to make sure that he is always accessible to answer any questions his current and potential clients have concerning the Internet.



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