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Ep. 277 - Are you craving to create something and show up as your authentic self?

Ann Bennett is the founder of Renegade Branding, a best-selling author, coach, and Brand Profit Builder. She’s a renegade, creative entrepreneur, curiosity and courage driven, dedicated to helping people own and unleash their unique selves. In this episode, Ann discusses why age doesn’t matter when doing what you want and how to be unapologetically yourself in your branding.

Listen in to learn how to make your brand visible by putting yourself in front of many people in simple and inexpensive ways. You will also learn the importance of authenticity and relevance to evoke emotions in your branding and messaging.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to allow yourself to share your wisdom and have impact and influence at any age
  • How to embrace challenges and turn them into learning opportunities as an entrepreneur
  • The importance of asking for help and support when starting a business
  • How to take little steps to grow yourself so you can grow your business
  • How to communicate clearly and simply what you do and inexpensively get in front of people
  • How to be unapologetically yourself and be bold to go after what you want to create

"Impact and influence have to do with allowing yourself to share your wisdom and be unapologetic for the choices you’ve made in your life.”- Ann Bennett


In this episode, you will learn:

Ann on why she doesn’t allow age to stop her from pursuing her passion and creating impact [1:22]

How she makes an impact in her business by pursuing things that align with her creative mind [6:37]

How she successfully transitioned from a corporate career to entrepreneurship after 25 years [8:12]

The mindset that got her a job at Vogue magazine and guided her to start a business [17:27]

Why you should seek a support group and ask for help when starting and growing a business [21:46]

How she’s overcome her limiting beliefs and developed a winning mindset [25:12]

Anne’s four renegade archetypes and how to choose the one that aligns with your brand [28:40]

The meaning of a head quipping hook and how to recognize yours to grow your brand [33:21]

The power of being authentic and relevant in solving people’s problems to achieve success [39:40]

She shares the little important things to her and how she wishes life would continue unraveling [42:52]

Three key takeaways Ann hopes you take from this episode [44:44]


Ann Bennett is the founder of RenegadeBranding.com, an International Speaker, Best Selling Author, Coach, and Brand Profit Builder.

Ann uses her marketing and branding genius to help women entrepreneurs (and a few good men) build their STAND-OUT personal brands and boost their profits.

She works with purpose-driven entrepreneurs who do transformational work, so they can liberate and ignite their unique genius, and authentic voice, and build a profitable brand platform.

Ann has 25 years of experience in visual and graphic design and has brought her talents to many major magazines from Popular Mechanics to Vogue.


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