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Christine Scheffler

12 Simple Keys to Living Better Now

Ep. 279 - Christine Scheffer and Robert Fisher have uncovered 12 essential guidelines that anyone can adhere to in order to lead a high-quality life in their later years. Would you like to live better as you age?

Christine Scheffer and Robert Fisher are the co-founders of Living Better in the Later Years. They both had careers in the nuclear industry, with Robert working for foreign governments on nuclear projects and Christine as a human resource manager for overseeing nuclear operations. In this episode, Christine and Robert talk about their careers in the nuclear industry and share the 12 key areas to observe to live better in later years.

Listen in to learn the importance of maintaining your physical and mental vibrancy to continue contributing to what you love to do. You will also learn how the ability to contribute makes the older community feel significant.

Key Takeaways:

  • The key areas you need to observe to live a high-quality life in your later years
  • The importance of maintaining your physical and mental vibrancy to continue contributing
  • How to develop a healthy lifestyle and change of behaviors to take advantage of your later years

"People are starting to feed themselves and becoming more and more healthy, smarter about lifestyle, and building a change of behaviors to take advantage of those later years.”- Robert Fisher

In this episode, you will learn:

Robert on his military and nuclear careers, his colon cancer diagnosis, and key transitions [1:27]

How Christine and Robert met in the UAE and their experience working and living together [4:52]

The difference between how the pandemic was handled in the USA and UAE [9:14]

They explain how they handled the lockdown during the pandemic and the changes they made [11:45]

The 12 key natural areas you need to observe to live a high-quality life as you get older [14:36]

The career opportunities that exist for the aging population in different industries [25:33]

The different places to look for job opportunities as a retiree or if headed for retirement [30:47]

How they plan on contributing and creating a happy healthy relationship and life [40:01]


Robert Fisher Bio 

In his early years, Robert attended the Naval Academy and received his Bachelor's in Systems Engineering. Robert later earned a Masters in Business Administration, Management Operations from Penn State University. Early in his career, Robert entered into the Nuclear industry as a Nuclear Engineer in the United States Navy. During his time in the US Navy, Robert experienced overseas deployment and foreign conflict that challenged his decision-making ability, even to the point of life and death.

After his years of service, Robert remained in the nuclear industry and held positions at Exelon, Bruce Power and Tennessee Valley Authority. Robert currently works with foreign governments on nuclear projects.

Christine Scheffer Bio

Christine is a current Human Resource Manager to overseas Nuclear operations. With high responsibility in her line of work, Christine prioritizes mental and physical health to perform with clarity. During the early stages of the COVID19 pandemic, Christine noticed the lack of access available for resources on how to not only remain physically healthy, but also mentally sound and optimistic. After realizing this, Christine worked alongside Robert to put together 12 keys on how people can act now to ensure a healthy, long life, and launched the website

Over their combined eleven decades, this duo has noted and experienced many of the lessons life has to offer – military service, child and pet rearing, cancer survival, long separations, career interruptions, divorces, addiction recovery, and most importantly the introspection, internal strength, and effort it takes to change thinking, adjust behaviors and move ever upward regardless of the circumstances.

Christine and Robert dedicate significant time and energy to collect, assess, discuss, test, organize, present, and hopefully influence others toward decisions and behaviors the best experts seem to consider essential to the pursuit of a long and fruitful life. “Yes, we work hard to live the keys (and we enjoy doing it!), but our real hope is that you benefit as greatly as we have from life’s lessons and do so earlier and with less pain than we did.”


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