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Ep. 287 - Are you emotionally intelligent in your leadership? Emotional intelligence is as valuable as an IQ for a leader to build a high-performing business. In this episode, Michele D’Amico discusses the value of emotional intelligence in building thriving teams at the workplace.

Dr. Michele D’Amico is the founder of Vetta, a Marshall Goldsmith certified coach, and an executive leadership coach. She empowers organizations & leaders to create innovative cultures where people want to work. In this episode, she talks about the value of emotional intelligence in leadership and organizations.

Listen in to learn the four components of emotional intelligence; self-awareness, self-management, empathy, and relationship management. You will also learn the importance of self-awareness in all aspects of your life and self-regulation because your emotions also affect others.

Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of having emotional intelligence with your IQ to be a high performer in business
  • The questions to ask yourself to develop self-awareness and empathy toward other people.
  • How to develop your people and have mindful communication by being emotionally intelligent.
  • The importance of practicing, listening, and becoming self-aware to develop emotional intelligence.

"Our emotions don’t just affect us; they affect everyone around us.”- Michele D'Amico

In this episode, you will learn:


How Michele uses her psychology background to coach and trains in her company [00:53]

The four components of emotional intelligence plus how to develop self-awareness [02:24]

The value of emotional intelligence in developing people and having mindful communication [06:31]

How she works with leaders to develop emotional intelligence and empathy [09:00]

She explains the different ways to develop emotional intelligence and communication [10:53]

The three actions to take to develop emotional intelligence in your personal and professional life [16:01]


Michele D’Amico is the Founder of Vetta, an Executive Coaching firm based in Los Angeles. Vetta’s strength-based approach to leadership supports leaders to develop improved self-awareness, adaptability and the behaviors that create stronger relationships and better results. Michele is a valued expert in resilient leadership, executive presence, emotional intelligence and conscious communication.

With 10+ years of experience as a leading-edge executive coach and a Doctorate in Psychology, Michele is a strategist, identifying and leveraging patterns in behavior to drive change and increase results. She specializes in developing a strong leadership culture in a variety of corporate, entrepreneurial and individual settings.

With a coaching philosophy grounded in the key fundamentals of collaboration, leadership and human behavior, Michele works to help emerging and already accomplished leaders and their teams to the next level of success, personally and professionally. She is recognized for guiding clients through complex, new opportunities with patient support and advocacy.


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