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Ep. 289 - Do you want to understand the financial side of your business and build a successful business? Heather Zeitzwolfe is a successful business owner, a Certified Public Accountant, a profit strategist, and a Financial Coach who shares her tips on the steps to take and avoid to build a profitable business.

Heather Zeitzwolfe is the founder of Zeitzwolfe Accounting and the Get Radical with Your Business podcast. She’s a creative, empathetic “nerd” who enjoys numbers and helps her clients understand their finances so that they can make empowered decisions in their businesses. Her approach is non-judgmental and shame-free. In this episode, Heather describes how she brings uniqueness into her accounting business and shares some tips for building a successful business.

Listen in to learn the importance of strategic planning, niching down, and authentic social media marketing for a successful business. You will also learn the importance of strategic networking to ensure you get a return on investment (monetary or non-monetary) from it.

Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of networking and creating human connections in your marketing efforts
  • The importance of niching down your business and allowing your people to find you
  • Why you should have a business account, track everything, and have a safety net
  • How to be clear with your offer, plan your business, and understand your cash flow

"Everything touches the finances part of business, so it’s important to get your head wrapped around it.”- Heather Zeitzwolfe

In this episode, you will learn:

Heather on the uniqueness she brings into her accounting business as a creative at heart [01:47]

The profit advising and coaching side of her business – strategic planning for your business [04:02]

How she helps creatives find all the things that intertwine to create successful businesses [05:28]

How to approach social media marketing in an authentic human connecting way [08:21]

The biggest lesson she has learned starting a business without any clients [10:06]

The major pitfalls that small business owners fall into when they’re starting [11:08]

The challenges small businesses face and how to overcome them [15:19]

The importance of strategic networking to ensure you get a return on investment from it [17:04]


Heather Zeitzwolfe is a CPA certified with the State of Oregon’s Board of Accountancy and a member of the AICPA. She is a Financial Coach trained through Ramsey Solutions’ Master Financial Coaching program, a Certified Tax Coach through the American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches, and a Certified People Advisor through Gusto payroll.

Heather’s collegiate education includes a degree in Fashion Design, a certification in Multimedia Design, and two business degrees from Portland State University’s School of Business, one in advertising and another in accounting.

PODCAST: Get Radical with Your Business

This show is for content creators who want to monetize their passion by embracing their profitable superpowers.

Whether you're starting your entrepreneurial journey or want to take things to the next level, this podcast will help you Get Radical with Your Business!

Join host Heather Zeitzwolfe, long-time vegan, Gen-Xer, cat mom, drag queen enthusiast, and collector of weird dolls and lunchboxes.

Using her professional background in business, marketing, design, and finance, she's here to help you get off the cash flow rollercoaster and have smooth-sailing profits.

If you're ready to crush your fears, take action, and do things scrappy, then pop on your headphones! (Podcast formerly known as Get the Balance Right)




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