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Ep. 292 - Samantha Kaaua - Passionate about coaching, Samantha enjoys guiding people from their current circumstances to their ideal situations, instead of simply helping them from low points to mediocrity.

She developed a unique model, termed "Inner Mosaic®", which has successfully navigated many through their most challenging times. It focuses on the aspects of individuals that they often hide from the world.

This method is aimed at either fostering the growth of a marriage or facilitating its peaceful completion, challenging the narrative of divorces or separations being inherently unpleasant experiences.

Samantha encourages viewing each marital conflict or disagreement as an opportunity for increased intimacy, showcasing the beauty inherent in the complexity of marriage.

She firmly believes that establishing clear communication with our "inner mosaic parts" and cultivating self-trust can lead to open, trusting relationships that foster mutual growth and evolution.


  1. Empowering Personal Growth: Samantha's unique "Inner Mosaic®" approach encourages individuals to move beyond mere mediocrity, guiding them towards their ideal situations. This highlights the power of aspirational coaching and the importance of personal growth.
  2. Revolutionizing Relationship Dynamics: Samantha proposes a new way of viewing marital conflicts and disagreements, turning them into opportunities for increased intimacy. This transformative perspective can lead to healthier, more open, and trusting relationships.
  3. Harnessing Opportunities and Connections: Samantha's success, such as co-hosting the Global Clarity Confidence Connection Summit, underscores the importance of seizing opportunities and nurturing connections. Her journey illustrates how saying 'yes' and effective networking can open doors to significant achievements.

"If you can see each conflict, argument, not seeing eye to eye as an opportunity for intimacy, that is the beauty of marriage. - Samantha Kaaua

Key Moments:

[04:14] If you've ever experienced a moment where you felt like you were having an adult tantrum, I know that I have felt that way. I'm like, what is happening right now? I can't even help myself. It's happening. And it's likely a younger version of yourself, a part of you that's coming out because it was triggered.

[04:37] He or she or they were triggered in that moment. And normally our biggest trigger is our partner is our spouse. They're the greatest trigger of all. And it's a blessing. It's a beautiful blessing.  I work mainly with women in their relationships, as an empowerment coach for married women. I love to support one partner. I normally like to call them the change agent in the relationship.  I work with the change agent to transform their relationship.

[07:31] I tend to work with couples ranging from being married a few years to 30, or 40 plus years are some of my couples. And they're just sick and tired of being sick and tired of the dysfunction that has been happening. And they don't want to divorce each other, they don't want to leave each other, but they just want something to change.  I think that challenges happen at every stage of our marriages. It just looks different. Sometimes after decades of being together, different challenges arise, and it's about really gaining those skill sets to overcome them. Because I always tell my couples it's not about never triggering each other ever again or never having a conflict. It really is more about using those opportunities, as I call them, to deepen the intimacy in the relationship. And if you can see each conflict argument, not seeing eye to eye as an opportunity for intimacy, then that is the beauty of marriage.


Samantha Kaaua is a #1 Amazon bestselling co-author, keynote speaker, certified Inner Mosaic® Coach, empowerment coach for married women, and the founder of The GEMMS with Samantha Kaaua, an international coaching and training company.

Using her proprietary Inner Mosaic® method, she helps women become their best selves while staying in and completely transforming their marriage.

Samantha has been recognized as a leading expert on relationships and is on a mission to help restore trust and faith in the world!

In 2021, Samantha co-authored the book “Short Sweet & Sacred” which became an international #1 bestseller on Amazon. She has been recognized as a leading expert on relationships.

She is the co-host of the global Clarity Confidence Connection Summit where she interviewed and shared the stage with Jack Canfield.

Samantha has also been featured on Fox, ABC, CBS, and over 300+ international publications and podcasts, sharing her counter-culture views on relationships.

She attributes her accomplishments in media to seizing opportunities and nurturing connections, demonstrating the power of saying 'yes' and networking effectively.


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