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Looking to reshape your sales approach with genuine confidence? The world of sales doesn't have to feel intimidating, even if you feel like selling isn't your forte. Imagine channeling your enthusiasm for your product or service into unshakeable sales confidence, truly transforming the way you engage in the selling process. Join Jean Wright as she unveils her golden advice for female solopreneurs eager to cultivate a robust sense of self-assurance in the sales domain.

In this episode, Jean shares her top tips about the power of confidence in selling and how to develop it.

Listen in to learn how to present yourself as the expert in your field with the confidence to set the stage for the sale. You will also learn how to approach cold calling positively and develop sales skills as an entrepreneur without pressuring yourself to be a salesperson.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to present yourself as the expert in your field to set the stage for the sale.
  • The importance of looking out for inappropriate office behaviors as a young career woman.
  • How to translate your passion for your product/service into confidence to sell.

"Take out negativity and put more positivity on yourself as an expert at what you do and that you can sell things.”- Jean Wright [28:15]


How Jean learned the sales process as an 11-year-old girl’s scout selling door-to-door cookies [0120]

She explains how presenting the package sets the stage for the sale and sale success [04:43]

The red flags to look out for as a young woman starting an office career [07:38]

The importance of showing up with kindness and not aggression when cold calling [10:59]

The importance of leaving room for negotiation& answering questions when presenting a sale [14:40]

Tips on how to develop your sales skills as a solopreneur without putting pressure on yourself [16:38]

Jean shares some top professional opening lines for physical and online cold calling [19:20]

How she helps entrepreneurs find the confidence to approach the sales process differently [25:25]


Jean embarked on her sales journey at a young age, ignited by her discovery of a passion for selling as a Girl Scout where she grew up in Pittsburgh. Despite her parents' initial reservations about door-to-door selling, she persistently convinced them to let her participate in the cookie campaign.

With unwavering determination and hard work, she not only proved her abilities to her parents but also discovered her genuine affinity for sales. This formative experience laid the groundwork for Jean's future career path.

A Marywood University graduate with a BA in Communication Arts and a concentration in Radio and TV, Jean found creative ways to effectively use her skills for public speaking and writing.

Following her college education, Jean had early success working in Washington, DC, and Los Angeles for the National Captioning Institute marketing to clients in the television industry.

She continued to immerse herself in various sales-related roles across diverse industries such as sports entertainment, personnel, business office services, and digital media companies.

Initially attributing her sales success to her tireless efforts, Jean's perspective underwent a transformation when she encountered other women struggling in the field. It became evident that self-confidence played a crucial role in her own career development.

Jean's "aha" moment arrived when she assumed the role of president in a women's business organization, where she met entrepreneurs grappling with their own confidence issues.

Motivated by a desire to empower women in sales, she wrote: Selling Your Confidence: Forging a Successful Sales Career from Mint Cookies to Martinis. This book aims to provide women in sales with invaluable guidance and strategies, empowering them to conquer self-doubt and achieve remarkable success in their careers.

Jean's personal journey exemplifies the pivotal role that self-confidence plays in sales, demonstrating how individual experiences can shape one's trajectory.

Through her book and active involvement in women's business organizations, she aspires to make a positive impact by sharing her insights and assisting other women in thriving in sales and their own businesses.

Jean speaks to entrepreneurs and women’s groups about confidence building and has her own consulting practice.

Frederick, Maryland, has been her adopted home for thirty years. She and her husband, Tom, have two grown children and enjoy small-town life. They especially enjoy the rich history and charm of the greater Washington, DC region for short getaway trips, and the best entertainment venues.






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