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Anne Martin

Reinvention Strategist

Ep. 297 - Do you feel ready to reinvent your career and life but don’t know where to begin?

Reinventing yourself requires stepping out of your comfort zone, exploring new possibilities, and taking action. Anne Martin shares her reinvention journey and tips on how any woman can reinvent her life and career.

As a Reinvention Strategist, she coaches and teaches people how to redefine success for themselves, explore new possibilities a,nd create lives of meaningful success.

In her work, she blends the lessons learned from her legal practice with her experience as a leadership trainer, to empower professionals and businesswomen to wake up to what really matters and to break through the barriers that keep them from thriving in their professional and personal lives.

In this episode, Anne speaks on her pivot from law practice to entrepreneurship and the steps that led to her success.

Listen in to learn how to prioritize the life you want by taking the leap you’re so afraid of taking that could completely change you and your family’s lives. You will also learn how to avoid the struggle and burnout by getting clear about your values and non-negotiables.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to change your life by making that leap you’re so afraid of making.
  • How to work your way out of a full-time job by having a side job until you’re comfortable to leave.
  • How to get clear on your non-negotiables and passions and create a vision of an idealized successful life.
  • How to avoid the struggle and burnout as an entrepreneur by getting clear about your values.
  • How to reinvent your career by developing clarity, curiosity, confidence, and commitment.

“The pain of staying in the rut is greater than the pain of stepping outside of your comfort zone and confronting your fears.”- Anne Martin

Learn the importance of mentoring young people and passing along your experience and knowledge to prepare them for a better life journey.


The moment Anne realized she needed to reassess her life and the meaning of success [01:39]

How she changed her life by listening to her heart, stepping out of her comfort zone, and doing what’s right for her family [04:05]

The challenging side of making a leap that could completely change you and your family’s lives [09:19]

Anne on how she learned to design a career around the life she wanted to live [12:50]

Lessons she learned from her legal practice that have been instrumental in her coaching business [14:53]

The vision she had before she quit law and how it inspired her to be the coach she needed [19:34]

A story of how to get clear on what you value and create a vision of an ideally successful life [23:10]

The things that hold women back and why getting clear on your values can make things easier [28:30]

The four Cs key to any reinvention – clarity, curiosity, confidence, and commitment [32:52]

Why you have to look into your life five years from now to claim the life of your dreams [35:57]


Anne Martin is a speaker, trainer, and Certified Professional Performance Coach® with the mission of empowering women to achieve meaningful success.

Anne grew up in New York City and practiced law for 15 years in such diverse environments as the U.S. Navy and Carnegie Mellon University. This was followed by a move to a large national law firm, where she practiced business law, focusing on high-tech businesses.

When she woke up to the fact that she was living a “lifestyle” and not really living her life, she decided to walk away from legal practice to design a life that allowed her to live her priorities.

She reinvented herself as an award-winning sales leader for Mary Kay Cosmetics, where she coached and trained hundreds of women in entrepreneurship, personal development, and leadership.

Upon moving to the Bay area in 2009, Anne reinvented herself into the coach she wished she had when she was considering leaving the legal profession.







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