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Ep.  298 - Would you love to have healthy, beautiful, and youthful skin?  Frieda Lin is an expert Health and Beauty consultant specializing in Microbiome-friendly skincare. She loves anything health and wellness and is thrilled that her teaching combines health and beauty!

She has 30 years of experience as a clinical dietitian and 24 years as a skin care specialist and has successfully assisted her clients in achieving beautiful and youthful skin.

In this episode, Frieda discusses the fascinating world of microbiome that involves eating, lifestyle, medication, and skincare.

Listen in to learn about the benefits of using microbiome-healthy skincare products and being selective with the food you consume. You will also learn the importance of educating yourself about skincare products to avoid using harmful chemicals.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to prioritize your skin by choosing microbiome-healthy skin care products.
  • The importance of educating yourself about the skincare products you use and foods you eat.
  • How to incorporate the right ingredients into your skincare to address the age concern.

"People are not going to do things because you told them; people are going to do things because they know why.”- Frieda Lin

In this episode, you will learn:

How Frieda’s desire to care for her skin led her to look into microbiome-friendly skincare [01:01]

She describes her passion for microbiome health and the fascinating world of microbiome [04:21]

How she educates people on building healthy skin and overall healthy habits beyond the skin [08:12]

The importance of being educated about choosing the healthy sunscreen for your skin [10:44]

The work spa days and ladies’ spa nights events she organizes to educate women on health [15:00]

Why she’s passionate about educating people on microbiome-healthy products [17:07]

The steps to take to improve your skin as a beginner in skincare journey [26:13]

Where to find Frieda and her free resources about microbiome-friendly skincare [28:40]


Frieda enjoys helping people look and feel great from the inside out! Born, raised, and educated in Taiwan, she moved to the US to further her education and started her career and family in the US.

She prides herself on having a strong Chinese heritage combined with the generous & open spirit of America to be her living principal.

With her 30 years’ experience as a clinical dietitian and 24 years as a skincare specialist, she has successfully assisted her clients achieve beautiful & youthful skin.

The fundamental way to have healthy and beautiful skin starts with a healthy microbiome, a lifelong journey to partake in.

She helps people attain healthy and youthful skin with her “Beautiful Skin for Life” program. She educates, inspires, and equips you to engage in healthy skin regimens that not only help you to have healthy, youthful skin but also for overall health & well-being.

She has been speaking to groups on topics such as Microbiome and Skin Health, Skin Care and Self-Care, Sunscreen Safety, Clean Cosmetics, Microbiome Friendly Skincare, Anti-Aging skin treatments, and Healthy Eating for Healthy Skin.

Frieda enjoys creating "Work Spa" days, where she brings relaxing spa experiences to workplaces, as well as ladies' Spa night for fundraiser events.

She represents TruAura, a leading microbiome-friendly, probiotic-based, antiaging skincare line.


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