Nancy Giere: Online Course Creation with Storytelling and Humor

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How to Create Results-Oriented Training Solutions

Ep.  299 - Nancy Giere is on a mission to transform the world of online training. She is a course creation expert who helps her clients creatively package their information and implement it in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible.

With a lifelong campaign against boring training, Nancy uses the power of storytelling and light-hearted humor to create engaging, fun, and interactive environments. Her masterful intertwining of comedic humor with life lessons makes learning stick!

Having worked with corporate giants like Johnson Controls, Harley Davidson, and Northwestern Mutual, Nancy knows the ins and outs of course creation and the challenges that course creators face.

Today, we will dive deep into her expertise, discussing how to turn your expertise into high-profit programs, avoid common mistakes in course creation, and the power of intentional design.

Key Takeaways:

·         How to identify where you want to take your audience and create a course they need.

·         Why you should write the introduction last to avoid restricting yourself to one topic.

·         How to create engagement in your online course to avoid audience boredom.

"If you’re focused on where you want to take people and where they are now, then it’s about closing that gap in between.”- Nancy Giere

In this episode, you will learn:

How Nancy became a trainer and the perfect combination that positioned her in her career [01:50]

How to use storytelling to make training interesting and avoid boredom among trainees [04:15]

Understanding the learning style of millennials and Gen Zs and what they hope to achieve [06:38]

How working with Harley-Davidson impacted Nancy to make course creation an experience [08:12]

Bundle Your Brilliance – how to take your idea to implementation by focusing on the outcome [11:00]

The common mistakes course creators make and how to avoid them [13:01]

The power of intentional design and how it impacts online learning [14:46]

Factors to consider when creating an online course with evergreen content [15:52]

Key elements to bring in the Zoom and evergreen environment to increase course engagement [17:50]

How to utilize ChatGPT to save time in your course creation journey [25:59]

The two things that made a big difference in Nancy’s career and entrepreneurial journey [28:13]

The potential positives and negatives of technology as it continues to improve [29:37]

Where to find Nancy and how she and her team can help you build an online course [34:29]


After a lifetime in the corporate training world, custom training consultant Nancy Giere knows how businesses operate and she isn’t afraid to shake things up. Her unique perspective combined with 30+ years of experience has empowered her with fresh insight and the industry’s best-kept secrets that she’s ready to share with you.

Today, more than ever, students are anxious to attend training that directly enables them to feel empowered, achieve their desired results, and make excellent use of their time. Course creators know they need a streamlined path to creatively package their information and implement it in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible.

Nancy Giere is an accomplished professional actively involved in public speaking, training, and consulting, particularly in helping entrepreneurs who want to turn their expertise into profitable online programs.

Nancy Giere is a highly successful funny motivational speaker, learning strategist, and custom training consultant.

She is a professional who holds various roles, including being a Chapter President and board member at the National Speakers Association/Northern California Chapter. She is also a board member at San Mateo Storytellers and is affiliated with Toastmasters.



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