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Unlock the Secrets to Vibrant Aging for Women 50+

Ep. 301 - Julianne Wutke is a Certified Health Coach and Vibrant Aging expert, helping women and men look and feel their best at every age.

She works one-on-one as a guide to help people navigate their journey back to health without becoming overwhelmed. She offers expert help in nutrition, fitness, stress management, and emotional eating.

In this episode, Julianne shares how she transformed her health journey and developed a passion for helping others feel their best as they age.

Listen in to learn the benefits of replacing your unhealthy eating habits with healthy eating habits to transform your health. You will also learn the importance of looking into the foods that work for you and those that don’t to make significant health changes.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to have the determination to take care of yourself and see what’s working for you.
  • How to replace unhealthy packaged food with good nutritious food for your health.
  • The importance of finding out what’s working for you and what to avoid for better health.
  • The importance of eating whole foods and paying attention to your eating technique.
  • Stop blaming and guilting yourself for how you’re feeling, and get professional help.

"Stop blaming yourself; it’s not your fault; whatever it is, it’s not your fault, so step back from all that blame and guilt that you’re putting on yourself.”- Julianne

In this episode, you will learn:

Julianne on why she decided to lose weight and get better for her health after age fifty [01:36]

How she navigated through the issues that drove her to want better health for herself [05:21]

The bad habits you need to let go of to make long-lasting health changes as you age [08:29]

The information that changed Julianne’s eating habits and the mistakes she initially made [13:47]

The power of habit swaps in helping you make significant health changes step by step [19:41]

She shares the challenges she faced during her health journey and how she handled them [22:22]

How to develop a system of paying attention to what you’re eating and how you’re eating [25:22]

How she helps people create new habits and mindsets to not be overly focused on food [28:22]

Julianne shares a client’s success story and the approach she used to help the client [31:55]

The steps to take to get out of feeling old and unhealthy and improve your well-being [38:30]

How to get hold of Julianne, plus the process of how she works with clients [40:35]


As a Vibrant Aging Expert, Julianne helps women over 50 get their energy back and look and feel better than ever.

She works one-on-one with you as a guide to help you navigate through your own journey back to health, without becoming overwhelmed.

She offers help in the areas of premature aging, emotional eating, fitness, and
stress management.

Most importantly, she helps you get UNSTUCK and overcome those obstacles that keep stopping you from moving forward. Not a quick fix ... but sustainable changes for life.

Working with her can be the difference between “I haven't been able to do it” and “I FINALLY did it!” It's time to get back your health, your energy, your confidence, and
experience true joy in your life!

Are you curious to find out if she can help you or someone you know? Take the first step to find out by answering a few questions here: Apply for a call with Julianne -

She will contact you to set up a call if it looks like she can be of help. If not,
she can refer you to other resources that may be helpful. A win-win either

“My coaching practice is designed to be conducted remotely, by phone or
video call. I feel very fortunate that I can help you with your health and
wellness no matter where you are. Please do not hesitate to contact me
with any questions you may have.” -Julianne

Why a Health Coach? Julianne became a Certified Health Coach because SHE needed help!

She had struggled with emotional eating and the effects of stress most of
her life, and it never seemed to go away.

Several years ago, she had one
of those moments in life where she finally had enough of feeling fat, tired,
and old and knew that she somehow needed to get better.

Leading up to that point, around the time she turned 50 her life had become extra stressful: Her elder parents needed help, her own family finances were in crisis, and she was using food, alcohol, and denial to deal with it. She was 50 pounds overweight, her joints felt achy, and she was generally pretty
miserable. She was determined to get her health back, and so began her journey.

Eventually, she found the right system, the right support, and accountability to make lasting changes. Now as a Vibrant Aging Expert and Health Coach, she loves helping others to do the same.





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