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Sabrina Dean

A Conversation with Industry Visionary Dr. Sabrina Dean

Ep. 303 - Dr. Sabrina Dean joins us, a name synonymous with excellence and innovation in the healthcare sector. Hailing from Dayton, Ohio, Dr. Sabrina wears many hats - she is the CEO of Dr. Sabrina's Healthcare Consulting, which propels healthcare organizations to impressive heights, and the founder of Sabrina's Consulting, where she aids individuals in realizing their holistic and health aspirations. Beyond her consulting ventures, she stands as the Co-Founder of the African American Women Giving Circle in Dayton, Ohio, a vibrant community venture that resonates with her deep-rooted commitment to societal well-being.

Listen in to learn how to challenge and encourage the next generation of leaders using real-life experiences as an accomplished professional.

You will also learn the importance of always remembering your why because it will get you through any challenges you face in your career or business.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to challenge and encourage the next generation of leaders using real-life experiences.
  • How to utilize technology and soft skills as an upcoming leader in the healthcare industry.
  • The power of always remembering your why because it will get you through the challenges.

"Always remember your why, because your why is what’s going to keep you.”- Dr. Sabrina Dean 


Key Moments:

Sabrina shares how her passion for healthcare developed from childhood [01:44]

How she designed her healthcare consulting program (the M.A.R.P. Method) to cement solutions [04:45]

How her past experiences shaped her current services at Dr. Sabrina's Healthcare Consulting [08:44]

The challenges of keeping the patient safe and free of infections, plus how she handles them [11:18]

How she challenges the next generation of healthcare leaders by sharing real-life experiences [13:11]

She shares the skills she instills in the younger generation to excel in the healthcare industry [14:46]

How the African American Women’s Giving Sacco is targeted to help grassroots organizations [17:11]

Sabrina on the importance of remembering your why to get you through healthcare challenges [19:30]



With a rich background as the former Director of Quality, Infection Control, and various other significant roles at several healthcare organizations, Dr. Sabrina has cultivated an expansive and nuanced understanding of the healthcare landscape.

Currently, she shares her knowledge as an Adjunct Professor at Franklin University, where she nurtures the next generation of thought leaders in their doctoral program.

Her journey, which began with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the Wright State University, has culminated in a Doctor of Business Administration focused on Healthcare from the Northcentral University, making her a beacon of knowledge and expertise in the industry.

Having carved out an illustrious career over the past 15 years as a healthcare executive, Dr. Sabrina is now steering healthcare organizations towards a bright future, helping them achieve stellar rankings that ensure financial stability and unrivaled quality of service.

An award-winning Registered Nurse, she has garnered recognition for her outstanding contributions to the healthcare industry.

Read her book on Amazon:

The M.A.R.P. Method: Four Steps to Improving Healthcare Value-Based Quality Measures

Listen as we unearth the inspirations, the methodologies, and the visions that drive Dr. Sabrina's exceptional journey.


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