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Learn How to Rock Short Form Videos!

Ep. 302 - Want to break into short-form video but don't know how? Elaine's your woman!

Videos are dominating the online marketing landscape! And short-form videos account for 40% of all videos. 73% of consumers prefer short-form videos when they are searching for a product or service.

Enter, stage left, Elaine Williams.

In the diverse landscape of the entertainment and coaching industry, few figures embody versatility and charisma quite like Elaine Williams. She's appeared on HBO, ABC, NBC, and FOX and in The New York Times.

As a veteran comedian with credits on illustrious platforms such as "Saturday Night Live" and "America's Got Talent", Elaine has crafted laughter and joy through her remarkable talent.

Leveraging her formidable experience from over 40 years in theatre, film, TV, and stand-up comedy, Elaine transformed into a beacon of empowerment in the world of public speaking and video coaching.

Whether helping novices blossom into YouTube sensations or steering seasoned professionals towards international book tours, Elaine's blend of humor, insight, and steadfast guidance has indeed turned her clients from "awkward to awesome".

Key Takeaways:

  • Why you should pursue your calling even if you don’t understand it.
  • How to connect with others and do breathing exercises before getting on camera.
  • The importance of giving back and making it one of your habits.

"If you feel really called to do something even if you don’t understand it, do it.”- Elaine Williams

Key Takeaways

How Elaine fell into stand-up comedy and why she pursued it even without understanding it [02:09]

She explains how she blends her comedic humor with her coaching and speaking side [05:47]

Elaine’s experience shooting a TV pilot that encapsulates her life as a landlord, comic, and speaker [09:36]

She shares some of her speaking experiences at institutions and how impactful they were [13:05]

Tips on how to keep calm and avoid feeling intimidated before getting on camera [15:55]

Why she’s committed to giving back to causes as one of her personal principles [17:55]

How she became knowledgeable about military work and honored by military families [19:26]

Elaine on where to find her and resources on how to be captivating on camera [21:26]


Elaine Williams is an award-winning veteran stand-up comedian who has appeared on Saturday Night Live, HBO, ABC, NBC, and FOX and featured in The New York Times.

She shows coaches, speakers, and business owners how to be their real, authentic selves while balancing likeability with expertise. At Captivate the Crowd, I show coaches, speakers and business owners how to be your real, authentic self, while balancing likeability with expertise.

Her proven approach is from the inside out teaching you how to pitch from your passion, not your appearance.

Learn from the Queen of Short-Form Video!





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