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Kelly Fox and Terry Sayre

'12 Steps to Freedom' for Fearless Living

Ep. 307 - Terry Sayre and Kelly Fox are advanced certified Fearless Living coaches, certified fearless trainers, and the hosts of the Fearless Generations podcast.

They work together to help others on their own journeys toward freedom.

Together, they provide the tools, guidance, and support necessary to help individuals break free from fear and live the life they truly desire.

In this episode, Terry and Kelly share how Rhonda Britten’s Fearless Living Training Program transformed their lives and allowed them to master fear and live fearlessly.

Listen in to learn how to manage and master your fear in a way that allows you to move forward.

You will also learn how to see your value and have the courage to use it to make a difference in your life and others at any age.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to manage and master your fear in a way that allows you to move forward.
  • How to have the courage to understand your value and others and make a difference.
  • How to be compassionate with yourself and others to make positive change.
  • Understanding that there’s no age limit on growth, service, and learning.

"Fear doesn’t have to be in front of you stopping you; it’s there to protect you, but you can manage that.”- Terry Sayre

In this episode, you will learn:

Terry on how she and Kelly saw the need to bring different generational perspectives to their work [01:30]

Kelly on how she and Terry started working together doing a podcast and workshops [02:47]

How the Fearless Living Training Program has transformed their and their clients’ lives [04:25]

How Terry navigated her fears to run for mayor of her city to serve as the first woman [10:37]

Terry explains how she’s leading her city to help and rehabilitate the homeless community [14:58]

Kelly explains how being a busy professional helps her be a better mom to her six kids [19:29]

The twelve steps of freedom they share on their podcast and how to implement them [23:19]

Where to find Fearless Generations coaching and workshops resources on the web and social media [29:16]


Terry A Sayre, an Advanced Certified Fearless Living Coach and Advanced Certified Fearless Trainer, alongside with her partner and daughter Kelly Fox, an Advanced Certified Fearless Living Coach and Certified Fearless Trainer, bridge you from where you are to where you want to be.

They support you to master your fear through skills and tools of Fearless Living, created by Rhonda Britten. They teach these skills in workshops and on their weekly podcast, where they share the 12 Steps to Freedom.

Terry, is on city council and is mayor, a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother.

Kelly’s been a coach since 2008 and is busy with her 6 kids.

These women are different generations. Their goal is to get you fearless regardless of age. They know as you implement the tools they teach you, you’ll have more confidence, be less frustrated, and take action on the things you have been procrastinating.


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