Andrea D. Campbell

May 22, 2020

Andrea Campbell

From Cancer to a Beautiful Journey

Ep. 83 – In this episode of the Trailblazers Impact, Nan McKay speaks with Andrea Campbell as she shares her cancer journey that turned from a tragedy to a blessing when she discovered living with intention. The sharing of her story underscores her personal mission to open hearts, blossom compassion and empower others to live a better version of  themselves. An accomplished professional speaker, author, and transformational coach, she is living proof that even after spending over 20 years in corporate America as a successful engineer, trainer, and salesperson, one can transform themselves, yet again. She re-emerged as a transformational coach.


“We all have a calling and a purpose as to why we are here, and we need to sit with that and make sure we understand and get busy doing it.”

She helps others gain perspective, discover their identity, and explore the world of opportunities still to come, while reminding clients and friends that you, too, can build a stronger level of commitment to achieving your goals at a faster pace.

Listen-in to hear how Andrea launched her journey to becoming a “new and improved Andrea”, helping others to do the same, especially in the face of adversities.


Top Takeaways:

  • Using blogging and writing to share and help others to overcome life’s adversities.
  • Leaving a corporate job and finding her passion.
  • The importance of sharing your cancer burden with others for support.
  • The rare side effects that might develop during and after.


Key Moments:

Andrea describes her cancer journey and how a curse changed into a blessing. [3:36]

How she uses blogging and writing to share her journey and help others through their adversities. [8:02]

How she got cancer the second time after quitting her corporate job, going back, and then leaving for good. [9:48]

How does she conduct her coaching? Listen here. [13:34]

Andrea narrates how she deals with side effects she developed during and after her chemotherapy. [15:45]

Quitting dairy products which caused  inflammation problems after her chemotherapy. [17:54]

Why breast cancer is not specific to women only. [19:05]

The importance of sharing about your cancer condition for help and support “to get through it”. [20:39]

Andrea shares how she discovered a life of intention and is now helping other people to do so, too. [22:21]

Why there’s no balance between life and work and how to work through this. [25:41]

How to deal with negative talk and trust the process. [27:01]

What does Andrea’s future look like? [28:41]

Using speaking and coaching as a form of passing her message on to help others. [31:23]

What advice does Andrea have for younger people who are struggling to find themselves? [32:53]