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Finding Yourself in Retirement

Ep. 27 - Jocelyn Bronson - Serving as Town Clerk for Marana for twenty-two years, Jocelyn is discovering the enjoyment of retirement. She started her career as an executive assistant to the town manager. She has served as Captain for the annual Tucson Festival of Books. In this episode, Jocelyn shares her career accomplishments and her journey to finding her true self in retirement. Listen in to learn why you should pursue a career that you’re genuinely interested in even when you don’t have support or have the chance to fail. You will also learn the importance of going through therapy to help you heal your childhood traumas and become the real you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to hear customer complaints and find solutions without letting ego get in the way
  • Change your mindset and try what’s in your heart even if you end up failing
  • How to be strong enough to stop hiding behind relationships and form one with yourself
  • Why you need therapy to heal your traumas and enjoy your life

"Every failure is a stepping stone to success." - Jocelyn Bronson

In this episode, you’ll discover:

Jocelyn describes her career journey and the gender inequality she experienced back then [1:01]

The job roles that were more popular for women in the 70s, unlike Jocelyn’s career choice [4:58]

How her father influenced her accomplishments and why she got a degree [8:17]

She describes lack of blatant support from her parents, which led to lack of confidence [10:18]

The incident that opened Jocelyn’s eyes about the value of good customer service [13:11]

How her former bosses influenced her to rise in the ranks of her career [16:21]

The importance of pursuing what you want as a career without listening to the masses [19:03]

Why breast cancer, her bad marriage, and lack of support became her learning moments [21:11]

How life after retirement has looked like for Jocelyn [24:37]

She describes the arduous ordeal she went through during her breast cancer experience [27:01]

How she learned to detach with love in relationships [32:27]

She explains in detail how her childhood experiences affected the adult she became [34:30]

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