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Ep. 171 - Lisa Gillette - Do you want a bigger salary for the work you do? Are you getting equal pay to your male counterparts? Do you want to discover the secret questions to ask yourself when starting a business or pitching? Find out how you can get greater clarity on what you are offering. Do you know what NLP is and how it can be used as a career woman? Lisa Gillette is an equal pay activist, a speaker, and a certified executive coach focused on women's leadership. She has always fought for equal pay and equal rights even when she was in the corporate setting, and only started her business BIG SKY Coaching & Consulting to help solve the need. In this episode, Lisa explains how she grew a successful career by use of NLP to get clear on what she offers as both a career and businesswoman. Listen in to learn how to start speaking in ways that you are seen, heard, and understood as a woman leader with mostly male colleagues. You will also learn the importance of asking for support and using your unique talents to bring change as a woman leader.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to grow your career that is in alignment with your priorities and values
  • How to speak in a way you’re seen, heard, and understood as a woman leader in business
  • Having the courage to become the change you want to see by starting where you are
  • How to use the unique talents that you have to make a difference as a woman leader

"If you have a talent that can make things better, that help the greater good versus the chosen few take the opportunity. It can be scary, but there is support. Go to the experts, and ask for support, and build your circle of support." -Lisa Gillette

In this episode you’ll discover:


Lisa explains how she understood her priorities and values to have a successful career [1:07]

Understanding your inner critic using NLP as a careerwoman to get clearer on what you offer [1:52]

Lisa on how she handled communication challenges as a woman leader in boardrooms [3:45]

The major challenges women are facing today in the workplace and how we can approach them [5:40]

Why it is important now more than ever for working women to get the much-needed support [7:14]

How to approach your career as you become seasoned in your industry [9:16]

How she realized the gender biases in sports television and became an advocate for change [10:52]

Why she started her business to mentor diverse women to take leadership positions [13:51]

The three questions you need to ask yourself when starting a business or when pitching [17:21]

How to change your mindset and understand you have a right to be there in leadership [19:10]

How to take the opportunity and move into it while building a circle of support [21:19]

Lisa Gillette, CEO, BIG SKY Coaching & Consulting, is an Equal Pay Activist. Lisa’s company, BIG SKY Coaching & Consulting is a natural extension of her desire to guide, support, and encourage women to rise up the ranks of leadership all the way into the “C” suite.  She helps her clients see the “Big Picture”, connect the dots from the micro to the macro, discover the opportunities and overcome the challenges imposed by the constraints of male privilege on female leadership.

Lisa Gillette, is an equal pay activist, speaker, and certified executive coach (ICF PCC) focused on women’s leadership. She is a Gallup-certified strengths coach and NLP practitioner.

Lisa is intimately familiar with the special challenges all women face in the workplace, having spent 25 years climbing the corporate ladder, the last 10 as an executive for FOX Sports television, a fast-paced, exhilarating, unforgiving toxic environment. She is fluent in ‘bro speak’. Along with providing strategic and creative direction in the launch of over 300 sports networks in Asia, Latin America, and the US, Lisa was responsible for on-air planning and operations for FOX Sports broadcast and the 22 regional sports networks. Lisa created and led the mentorship program “Women Working in Sports” which focused on increasing diversity among senior leadership at FBC and the FOX Cable Network Group.


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