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Master Moderator on Clubhouse

Ep. 187 - Candace Keith - Are you living out your passion and purpose while impacting others? Candace Keith turned her life from lemons to lemonade by transforming her church hurt experience to be a servant leader using her passion to empower women. Candace Keith is a spiritual life coach, a paid master moderator on Clubhouse, and a former first lady of the ministry. She unveils the taboo subject of ‘Church Hurt" and uses Spiritual Disciplines with Evidence-based Strategies to empower First Ladies of Ministries who have lost their Voice, so they can reconnect to their inner peace. In this episode, Candace shares her personal experience with church hurt as a first lady of the ministry, and how she overcame and started using her voice. Listen in to learn the importance of being empowered enough not to lose yourself as a servant leader. You will also learn how to design your ideal life by living out your passion and purpose while impacting others in society.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learning how to show up imperfectly perfect for yourself and live with your truth
  • How to be fully purposed and have your voice rebirthed as a woman for yourself and others
  • How to use your passion and purpose to serve and impact others

The importance of creating content that resonates with your target audience as a startup

"Never quiet your voice. Your opinion is very important. Your story or truth belongs to you, and you are allowed to voice it." Candace Keith


In this episode you’ll discover:

Candace on volunteering with Black Panther Party and how she discovered her love for serving [1:10]

She shares her experience with church hurt and how it led to self-worthlessness [2:12]

Why she believes her experience in service leadership prepared her for entrepreneurship [5:45]

Candace shares a few stories of the women she helped in the ministry live in their truth [7:33]

How to fortify your spirit and not lose yourself when serving others as a leader [10:35]

She describes her journey from an airline employee and preacher’s wife to an entrepreneur [12:46]

How she’s using her voice to build a legacy and design her ideal life while impacting others [17:30]

How she got started in business with a coach’s support and educating herself [19:34]

Why you should start where you are when starting a business [21:26]

The power of Clubhouse in networking, plus how she became a Clubhouse moderator [22:37]

Candace advises to use your voice, live out your passion, and find your purpose [25:57]

The importance of showing up authentically by telling your story to start serving others [28:00]

Candace on what she likes most about how she is now and what she has achieved [30:21]

Candace is a certified spiritual coach. She has a unique perspective because she is a former preacher’s wife and First Lady of Ministry. Her mission is to shine the light on Church Hurt involving damage and trauma.

She blends spiritual disciplines with unique strategies to empower First Ladies of Ministries who have experienced "Church Hurt’ so they can find their voice, reconnect to inner peace and change the narrative for themselves and other spiritual women by designing a blueprint for success, legacy, and wealth.

She retired from a 26-year airline career as a customer service agent/instructor.

Candace is a moderator for Clubhouse.





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