Black History TrailBlazers #7


Black TrailBlazers Making History

Jewel Burks Solomon - Entrepreneur

Ep. 57 - Jewel Burks Solomon was Founder/CEO of Partpic, a startup that was acquired by Amazon in 2016, which streamlined the purchase of maintenance and repair parts using computer vision technology. After the acquisition of Partpic, Jewel became a product leader at Amazon's Visual Search and AR team. She led the integration of Partpic's technology and launched it as Amazon PartFinder in 2018 to the over 150M users of Amazon's Mobile Shopping App.

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Sheila Jones - Attorney & Environmental Justice Advocate, Activist DEI

Ep. 91 - Sheila Jones is a law professor at Georgetown Law School and a private practice attorney with a 40-year career spanning federal service, private practice, academia, and volunteer service with nonprofits. She became committed to the mission to preserve the environment in the 1980s; a time when few women and few women of color were identified as "environmentalists". A true Washingtonian, Attorney Jones was born and raised in the nation's capital during the days of segregation, and the subsequent integration of the undergraduate programs at the University of Maryland College Park in 1970. In 1974, Sheila was admitted to Harvard Law School where she pursued a specialization in environmental justice and law becoming an ardent voice and champion for "facts Do matter".

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Carena Lemons - Attorney, Entrepreneur, Entertainer

Ep. 58 - Carena Lemons, owner of Lemons Law Firm where she specializes in unemployment, bankruptcy, and entertainment law has to her credit the recent addition of movie star having landed parts in "Hickory The Series", hosting her TV talk show, "It's Your Life", and landing a part in 2019, blockbuster history-making film, Harriet; the telling of the story of Harriet Tubman, a heroic abolitionist and the most famous of all of the conductors of the famous "Underground Railroad" who planned and led dangerous missions to liberate hundreds of slaves through the Underground Railroad starting on Maryland's eastern shore and going as far north as Canada.

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Dawn Simmons - Wall Street/Social Chg Agent

Dawn Simmons, Black and age 50+, former math teacher, flight attendant, and a Wall Street breakthrough woman, IS a Renaissance woman. With all this (and more), she is also an author/publisher, civil rights advocate, community volunteer, civic leader, cape-wearing-criminal-justice-reform-crusader, former candidate for political office, volunteer with Habitat for Humanity International, global citizen; and graduate of USC with two master's degrees And a working mom! Raised in the "Big Apple" she was raised with the expectation of success, and certainly succeeded!

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Carnela Renee Hill - Entertainer, Entrepreneur, Author

Ep, 59 - Carnela Renee Hill is the CEO and Principal Designer of CR Hill Design Group. She is an award-winning interior designer, motivational speaker, coach, inspirational leader, business strategist, and political advisor. Carnela was a 2015 White House Decorator and guest on the HGTV White House Christmas special. As a social media influencer with four podcast shows, Carnela has been identified in the Wall Street Journal as "one of the 111 most promising business leaders."

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