Wow! Get Focused and Make Money! Nan McKay | TrailBlazers Impact

I am sharing with you my #1 resource that has made the biggest impact on my business this year! I joined Powerful Professionals and Kim Walsh Phillips and have gained the RIGHT business focus for me. As you know, TrailBlazers Impact brings powerful stories from women who have changed the world from small ways to big ones. Kim provided the templates, tools, and strategic thinking to get me on a track to financial success, all through my own offerings. Not by asking for donations. Instead, designing useful products to generate income on my own. You can do it, too!

Do You Want to Start or Grow a Business? Kim Walsh Phillips

What goes around, comes around. It was barely a year ago that my friend and social media expert Kim Walsh Phillips put out a free challenge to anyone looking to grow their online audience and then turn those followers into customers, clients, and patients. I know a lot happened to me last year and to you, too! Which is why she’s unveiled a new “10X Your Followers Challenge” – complete with training videos and PDF downloads.

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