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TrailBlazer Maud Booth

Maud Booth, a TrailBlazer and an indefatigable disrupter and advocate, was the co-founder of Volunteers of America in 1896. She drafted the original constitution of VOA which granted women equal votes, well before women could vote for President of the United States.

6 Tips to Ensure A Successful Retirement | Rachel Harper

When people think about retirement, they usually imagine easing into a more relaxed lifestyle and having more time for loved ones, travel, and the hobbies they’ve been wanting to take up. What many forget, however, is that to be able to live comfortably – and have fun – come retirement, you’ll need to have enough money to fund it all.

Thankful in 2021 | Karen Kendra

Karen Kendra – The last two years have been difficult for all of us. What I considered a great holiday season in the past is very different from now. I am no longer taking for granted the joys of holiday cooking, shopping, or spending time with family.

How I Found the VIP in Me | Candace Keith

(V)oice. (I)nner Peace. (P)urpose. In being a former Preacher’s wife, I had lost them. As little girls, we love our voices. We hold talkative tea parties and chat all night on the phone with our friends, our shrill screams pierce the air when we play and we can cry louder and longer than any boy. What happens as women when our voices are silenced?

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