How to Achieve Digital Accessibility | Sheri Byrne Haber

Do you know that 98% of the websites in the world are not accessible? Plus there are over 4000 lawsuits filed in the last year over digital accessibility. If you are an employer, do you know what you should do to ensure workplace accessibility? All these questions and more are answered by Sheri Byrne-Haber, a disability expert consultant and blogger. Find out where your own liabilities are!

Julia Toronczak Podcast

Julie Toronczak demonstrates that trailblazers are ageless. Her mission is to share the lessons she has learned in Self-Love through growing up with her twin brother Michael who has downs syndrome. Her story is heart-rending while being educational. She doesn’t downplay how hard it can be to communicate, but gives insight to understanding and communicating with a close family member with Downs Syndrome. She is an example for all of us.

Increase Performance with DEI Podcast: Cathy Light

Increase Your Business Performance by Including Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Cathy Light Ep. 116 – How are you exercising diversity, equity, and inclusion in your organization? Every employee deserves to be treated with dignity and to feel safe in the workplace environment regardless of their race, gender, or sexuality. But how do you implement and …

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